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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Launch Pad Building Guide

Thankfully Health and Safety didn't exist in Frontier Times, otherwise this might be a 47 step build needing to request a few hundred extra licences and sign offs!

As it is it's a 25% REDUCTION on the usual builds, only being three stages this time.

We'll still be seeing the usual mix of request items, craft items and homestead drops though! So strap in as we float off into a world of build requirements...

Stage One

6 Safety Rails - Requested
15 Rodent Resolve - Carrots
4 Long Screws - Requested
8 Rock Bits - Rocks
3 Cement Mixers - Crafted
2 Cement Rakes - Crafted

Each Mixer requires 4 Hollow Gourds (Pumpkins) and 4 Frame Sections (Requests)

Each Rake requires 4 Rake Handles (Cherry Trees) and 4 Rake Heads (Requested)

Stage Two

15 Balloon Cleats - Requested
20 Pig Prodders - Beets
10 Catch Nets - Requested
15 Ramp Railings - Large Oak Trees (7 or 12 chops)
7 Spring Launches - Crafted
6 Flight Harnesses - Crafted

Each Launch requires 4 Catspaws (Steel Forges), 6 Old Deckchairs and 8 Spring Doohickeys (Both Requested)

Each Harness requires 6 Hide Strips (Adult Standard Cows), 8 Snap Buckles and 8 Crafting Thread (Both Requested)

Stage Three

20 Contraption Clamps - Requested
25 Flight Twine - Flax
15 Trigger Levers - Requested
15 Fluid Fortitude - Rye
10 Weathervanes - Crafted
8 Docking Winches - Crafted

Each Weathervane requires 6 Moose Ornaments (Moose), 6 Brass Arrows and 8 Wind Sprinters (Both Requested)

Each Winch requires 8 Field Rodents (Wheat), 6 Wheel Gadgets and 8 Winch Cables (Both Requested)