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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Frontier Bath House Building Guide

Turning a Hot Spring into a Bath House is no easy task... but lets be honest, nothing is on the homestead.

It'll be a fairly standard 4 step build with the usual mix of needs with requests, crafting and, of course, those Homestead drops we all love.

One thing to note is the Mineral Dripper in stages 2 and 4. It'll be worth your while keeping that open if you still have other build or mission needs as you'll then have some stocks for the fourth stage.

Stage One

15 Pine Bundles - Fully Grown Pine
4 Pointy Rocks - American Moss
12 Steamy Sights - Wall Post
10 Spa Reservations - Wall Post
8 Absorbent Towels - Direct Request
5 Clearing Picks - Crafted

Each Pick requires 2 Steel Heads (Steel Forges) and 4 Rusty Picks (Direct Request)

Stage Two

10 Skin Salve - Lilacs
12 Soft Lotions - Chamomile
10 Stress Relief - Wall Post
15 Skin Tests - Direct Request
8 Sifted Elements - Crafted
8 Mineral Drippers - Crafted

Each Element requires 4 Frothy Solutions (Algae Pools) and 4 Fine Sieves (Wall Post)

Each Dripper requires 4 Feed Bottles (Cows), 8 Bubbly Water (Direct Request) and 5 Drippin' Devices (Wall Post)

Stage Three

12 Silver Valves - Silver Forges
18 Steamin' Cloths - Granny's Oven
15 Spring Locations - Wall Post
16 Cold Buckets - Direct Request
10 Treated Piping - Crafted
10 Wooden Tubs - Crafted

Each Piping requires 5 Brass Piping (Brass Forges) and 7 Thermal Treatments (Wall Post)

Each Tub requires 4 Diverse Boards (Coastal Pines), 10 Written Instructions (Direct Request) and 4 Connector Qs (Wall Post)

Stage Four

5 Pool Clutters - Lifeguard Ducks, Water Patrol Ducks and Scurvy Ducks
16 Building Gears - Wall Post
18 Wet Towels - Wall Post
15 Mineral Pumps - Direct Request
10 Mineral Drippers - Crafted
12 Spring Bottles - Crafted

Each Dripper requires 4 Feed Bottles (Cows), 8 Bubbly Water (Direct Request) and 5 Drippin' Devices (Wall Post)

Each Bottle requires 9 Glass Sand (Recycle Bins), 9 Forge Wood (Wall Post) and 6 Geyser Water (Direct Request)