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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Ice Hotel Building Guide

We're going to need somewhere for all the competitors in the Ice Art contest to stay, so for that it's time to build the Ice Hotel.

The Hotel is a three step build (typical January Sales, 25% off) and the usual mix in each of crafting, requesting and drops from the homestead across all three stages.

So, what do we need...

Stage One

3 Room Candles - Requested
3 Down Blankets - Crafted
5 Comfy Pillows - Adult Chickens
2 Winter Pot Pourri - Crafted
4 Special Spirits - Requested
8 Bowls of Cherries - Cherry Trees

Each Blanket requires 3 Bird Feathers (Geese) and 3 Quilting Thread (Requested)

Each Potpourri requires 4 Mint Essence (Peppermint) and 3 Cinnamon Bark (Requested)

Stage Two

8 Heated Water - Requested
7 Art Pedestals - Crafted
10 Tongue Bandages - Flax
6 Name Plates - Crafted
8 Vote Boxes - Requested
15 Warm Cocoa - Cocoa Trees

Each Pedestal requires 12 Pine Cuts (Pine Trees), 9 Display Legs and 8 Bottom Blocks (Requested)

Each Name Plate requires 10 Plum Wood (Plum Trees), 8 Sanding Blocks and 8 Engraving Tools (Requested)

Stage Three

10 Stage Doors - Requested
8 Stage Podiums - Crafted
15 Award Ribbons - Silk
12 Velvet Ropes - Crafted
20 Theatre Seats - Requested
15 Stage Timbers - Oak Trees

Each Podium requires 12 Fruit Crates (Lemon), 9 Podium Panelling and 12 Speech Surfaces (Requested)

Each Rope requires 8 Boysenberry Dye (Boysenberries), 6 Velvet Fabric and 10 Heavy Ropes (Requested)