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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Candy Shop Boosts Guide

The Candy Shop rings with it some new items to craft, one craftable crate and four brand new boosts with some awesome actions...

Each item is unlocked as we work through the various Candy Shop missions (all details HERE).

They're all crafted from inside the Candy Shop using one item that will drop from your homestead and one or two items from either type of Request.

So get your dentist on Speed Dial, and let's dig in!

B&B Mystery Box
Unlocked after completing Mission One

Result: Opens for Collectibles or Gummi Bears

Requires: 3 Candy Bits (Sugar Beets/Spearmint) and 3 Gold Paper Boxes (Wall Post)

Big Drop Lollipop
Unlocks after completing Mission One

Result: 10 Energy

Requires: 4 Lemon Candy (Lemon Trees) and 3 Lollipop Sticks (Wall Post)

Minty Mocha
Unlocks after completing Mission Two

Result: Fills your energy bar completely and speeds your avatar for 15 minutes.

Requires: 4 Golden Mugs (Ornament Crops/Golden Roses) and 3 Mocha Mix (Direct Request)

Chocolate Rush
Unlocked after completing Mission Three

Result: 15 Minutes of Bunyaning Trees - Chop them down completely in one click - and double drops.

Requires: 6 Maple Sugar Leaves (Rock Candy Sheep), 9 Brown Sugar Cubes (Wall Post) and 5 Dark Cocoa (Direct Request)

Peppermint Earthquake
Unlocked after completing Mission Four

Result: TRIPLE Drops on Fruit Trees for 15 Minutes.

Requires: 8 Maple Sugar Leaves (Rock Candy Sheep), 12 Brown Sugar Cubes (Wall Post) and 7 Peppermint Cream (Direct Request)