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Friday, 4 January 2013

Jack's Adventure Guide

You just can't take him anywhere...

Jack has decided to gallivant off around the world but sadly knows... well, Jack about other countries so is constantly finding himself in trouble.

This is where we step in... instead of a build as such this time around we'll be creating four ways to get him out of whatever crisis he's landed himself in.

It's still a standard build mechanic, with requests, crafting and homestead drops.

Stage One - Alaskan Apparel

8 Down Hats - Geese
4 Panel Boxes - Direct Request
3 Winter Coats - Crafted
6 Wool Mittens - Sheep
5 Parcel Labels - Wall Post
2 Piggie Protectors - Crafted

Each Coat requires 3 Winter Shells (Flax) and 3 Jacket Liners (Wall Post)

Each protector requires 3 Leather Boots (Cows) and 3 Warm Insoles (Direct Request)

Stage Two - Trouble Fitting In

15 Bundling String - Corn
12 Chinese Dictionaries - Direct Request
5 Silk Robes - Crafted
10 Frontier Fireworks - Rocks
10 Garment Bags - Wall Post
6 Foldable Forks - Crafted

Each Robe requires 4 Silk Pieces (Silk) and 4 Golden Thread (Wall Post)

Each Fork requires 4 Wood Pins (Lemon Trees) and 3 Broken Forks (Direct Request)

Stage Three - Bailing Jack Out

15 Pine Scents - Fully Grown Pine
15 Postage Stamps - Direct Request
8 Reference Letters - Crafted
20 Fresh Water - Snow Crystals
10 Bundling Paper - Wall Post
7 Flight Goggles - Crafted

Each Letter requires 6 Proper Paper (Fully Grown Oak), 6 Official Headers (Wall Post) and 7 Honourable Stories (Direct Request)

Each Goggles requires 4 Glass Polish (Wolfnut Trees), 8 Clear Jars (Direct Request) and 8 Goggle Straps (Wall Post)

Stage Four - Frontier Chow

20 Flower Perfume - Passion Flowers
20 Frontier French - Direct Request
7 Tomato Ketchup - Crafted
20 Dinner Mints - Peppermint Bushes
15 Escargot Forks - Wall Post
8 Spicy Salsa - Crafted

Each Ketchup requires 12 Ripe Tomatoes (Tomatoes, go figure), 12 Onion Powder (Wall Post) and 10 Corn Sugar (Direct Request)

Each Salsa requires 6 Salsa Peppers (Bell Peppers), 9 Chopped Onions (Direct Request) and 10 Chopped Tomatoes (Wall Post)