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Friday, 28 December 2012

Climbing Wall Building Guide

Building the Climbing Wall will probably help lose more weight than climbing it, but lets give it a shot!

The Climbing Wall is a four step build with the standard mix of request items, crafting items and things that will drop from your homestead as you go.

Lots of things are repeated as we go as well so keep an eye out in advance so you can make sure you can get some extras in advance!

Stage One

8 Building Plans - Direct Request
7 Weight Belts - Wall Post
10 Hand Balm - Vanilla Orchids
6 Tough Gloves - Direct Request
8 Hefty Stones - Wall Post
10 Hearty Protein - Pigs

Stage Two

8 Climbing Belts - Direct Request
15 Carabiners - Wall Post
15 Hand Balm - Vanilla Orchids
7 Climbing Shoes - Crafted
15 Climbing Packs - Wall Post
20 Hearty Protein - Pigs

Each Shoes requires 2 Worn Shoelaces (Non Rideable Horses) and 4 Old Boots (Direct Request)

Stage Three

12 Plumb Lines - Direct Request
15 Hand Axes - Wall Post
20 Sign Paint - Winterberries
9 Climbing Poles - Crafted
15 Smalltooth Saws - Direct Request
25 Lumberjack Straps - Cows

Each Climbing Pole requires 4 Rock Drills (Silver Forges), 8 Hand Cranks (Wall Post) and 8 Straight Logs (Direct Request)

Stage Four

10 Climbing Shoes - Crafted
15 Printed Flyers - Wall Post
25 Wood Ropes - Banyan Trees
14 Cash Boxes - Crafted
20 Open Signs - Direct Requests
30 Granola Bars - Wheat

Each Shoes requires 2 Worn Shoelaces (Non Rideable Horses) and 4 Old Boots (Direct Request)

Each Cash Box requires 4 Rusty Keys (Gardener Sheep), 6 Strong Locks (Direct Request) and 10 Metal Boxes (Wall Post)