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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Glassworks Building Guide

To build the glassworks we'll need to work through a standard four step build!

As usual we'll see a mix of homestead items, crafting and request items!

Many things are copied across more than one step, so make sure to look ahead and plan in case you can pick up some extras as you go!

Stage One

10 Pine Frames - Pine Trees
10 Yellow Glass - Oats
6 Scoring Pencils - Wall Post
7 Teal Glass - Wall Post
8 Amber Glass - Direct Request
9 Glass Breakers - Direct Request

Stage Two

15 Purple Glass - Passion Flowers
12 Zinc Frames - Silver Forges
15 Mahogany Frames - Wall Post
10 Glass Polish - Wall Post
8 Hanging Wire - Direct Request
7 Carbide Cutters - Crafted

Each Cutter requires 3 Cobb Handles (Corn) and 5 Carbide Razors (Direct Request)

Stage Three

20 Pine Frames - Pine Trees
15 Yellow Glass - Oats
10 Silver Glass - Wall Post
15 Burgandy Glass - Direct Request
10 Frosted Glass - Direct Request
8 Glazing Toolkits - Crafted

Each Toolkit requires 4 Brush Bristles (Pigs), 6 Oak Handles (Wall Post) and 8 Glazing Pots (Direct Request)

Stage Four

30 Purple Glass - Passion Flowers
20 Zinc Frames - Silver Forges
15 Iron Frames - Wall Post
20 Running Pliers - Direct Request
8 Breaking Pliers - Crafted
10 Buffing Stations - Crafted

Each Pliers needs 3 Steel Rivets (Steel Forges) and 2 Plier Parts (Wall Post)

Each Station requires 6 Wool Cloths (Sheep), 12 Stone Wheels (Direct Requests) and 8 Iron Stands (Wall Post)