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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Snow Slide Building Guide

To give our kids something exciting this Winterfest we'll be building a Snow Slide!

It's a 25% reduction on a normal build as the slide is only a THREE step build, not a four step, but it's still a standard setup for each step.

We'll see a collection of request items of both types, craftable items and things that will drop from our homestead.

So sit back... on a mat, and join us in a slippy slide down the building requirements!

Stage One

5 Long Johns - Wall Post
4 Hot Cocoa - Crafted
8 Winter Socks - Adult Sheep
5 Waxed Coats - Crafted
4 Thermal Gloves - Direct Request
10 Hot Peppers - Habanjeros

Each Cocoa requires 2 Hot Milk (Adult Cows) and 3 Cocoa Flavour (Wall Post)

Each Waxed Coat requires 3 Canvas Coats (Flax) and 3 Old Candles (Direct Request)

Stage Two

10 Recycled Nail - Wall Post
8 Snow Movers - Crafted
15 Log Steps - Lemon Trees
7 Wagon Sleds - Crafted
12 Knotted Balusters - Direct Request
10 Slide Beams - Pine Trees

Each Mover requires 4 Metal Wheels (Steel Forges), 6 Handlebars (Wall Post) and 7 Shovel Heads (Direct Request)

Each Wagon Sled requires 8 Wagon Railings (Cherry Trees), 6 Sled Bases (Direct Request) and 8 Wagon Skis (Wall Post)

Stage Three

15 Snow Decorations - Wall Post
10 Ice Welders - Crafted
20 Snow Colour - Beets (The COIN crop, NOT Pink Beets)
10 Snowman Cakes - Crafted
20 Rock Salt - Direct Request
15 Slide Tickets - Mountain Blueberries

Each Welder requires 10 Plum Stocks (Plum Trees), 8 Old Lenses (Wall Post) and 8 Angle Triggers (Direct Request)

Each Cake requires 10 Round Cakes (Corn), 8 White Frosting (Direct Request) and 8 Cake Decorations (Wall Post)