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Monday, 30 April 2012

Town Hall Building Guide

It's time to get your town on the map and for that you need a Town Hall.

This is a three stage building with a bit of crafting at each stage. Two missions also have crafting stages so below, we'll crack out one of our famous crafting guides, covering everything you'll need at each step!

So take a read and find out what each step will need, items DON'T cross over so you'll only be collecting for one stage at a time.

Stage 1 - Required for Mission 2, Work And Play

3 Construction Signs - Requested
10 Orange Aroma Jars - Found tending Orange and Frozen Orange trees
4 Building Certificates - Requested
1 Gravel Foundation - Crafted

The Gravel Foundation requires 2 Buckets of Gravel and 4 Frame Boards, Both requested.

Mission Item - Craft a Town Hall Poster

The poster requires 2 Paint Brushes and 3 Poster Paper,both requested.

Stage 2 - Required for Mission 3, Grounds For Fun

5 Iron Plumbing - Requested
5 Trash Pickers - Requested
10 Bison Brushes - Drop from tending any Bison or Buffalo
5 Lobby Walls - Requested
5 Trash Bins - Requested
1 Chandelier - Crafted

Each Chandelier requires 4 Bent Iron and 4 Thin Chains (both requested) to make a Chandelier Base. Two Chandelier bases are then added to 3 Chandelier Candles (requested) to make a Chandelier.

Mission Item - Craft 2 Park Benches

Each Bench needs 10 Sanded Oakwood (chopping Oak Trees) and 3 Support Bars to make a Bench Frame. That frame is then added to 4 Town Plaques to make a Park Bench.

Stage 3 - Required for Mission 4, Play It Safe

8 Stone Steps - Requested
7 Wood Columns - Requested
2 Speech Podiums - Crafted
9 Carved Panels - Requested
8 Red Clover Pigment - Found harvesting Red Clover
2 Bell Towers - Crafted

Each Speech Podium requires 5 Wooden Podiums and 5 Town Emblems, both requested.

Each Bell Tower requires 3 Heavy Hickory Wheels (chopping Hickory Trees) and 5 Bell Pulleys (requested) to make a Bell Mechanism. Three of those are added to 6 Iron Bells (requested) to craft a Bell Tower.