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Monday, 7 May 2012

Detective Essentials Guide

It's a nice quick crafting guide this time around as we don't have many different things to make and they're all pretty simple... Thought we'd best give you some totals though so you know what's coming!

You'll need these items to solve clues that appear around the homestead during the missions. For Horse Tracks you need a Spyglass, for Footprints you need a Plaster Casting Kit and for Torn Fabric you need a Hand Lens. You only need ONE item per clue.

We've included the Compass for the 9th mission too, although this was a previous item so you may have spares.

Please note, stuff that drops won't until the mission is active. All request items are give one, get one.

Spyglasses - Needed to Solve Horse Tracks

3 Spyglass Lenses & 2 Metal Tubes - Both requested.

In total you'll need to solve 12 Horse Tracks so will nee 36 Spyglass Lenses and 24 Metal Tubes.

Plaster Casting Kits - Needed to solve Footprints

4 Flour & 3 Warm Water to make Plaster of Paris - Flour is from tending Wheat, Water is requested.
2 Plaster of Paris & 4 Casting Tools - Requested.

In total you need to solve 8 Footprints so will need 64 Flour, 48 Warm Water and 32 Casting Tools.

Hand Lens - Needed to solve Torn Fabric.

5 Buffing Cloth & 3 Circular Glass to make a Glass Lens - Cloth is found tending cotton, glass, requested.
3 Glass Lenses & 6 Maplewood Handles - Requested.

In total you need to solve 7 Torn Cloth clues so will need 105 Buffing Cloths, 63 Circular Glass and 42 Maplewood Handles.

Compasses - Needed for the ninth mission.

NOTE: We've made these before so you may have spare leftovers...

5 Compass Needles & 4 Brass Plates - Needles are found in pine trees, Plates are requested.