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Monday, 14 May 2012

Fishing Hole Building

Teaching someone to fish is no easy task and there's all manner of crafting and building missions to be finished before we can do it!
So here we are again, with another Frontierville Express crafting Guide so you can plan ahead and know what you've got upcoming!

This one is a little more complicated as there's both in-mission crafting and build crafting so we'll list everything out in the order you'll find it in the game.

Fishing Bait

Bait is needed for all the missions and also to carry on fishing once the missions are over. Although it's REQUIRED for mission 2 you can start crafting from the start. 

Please note there are limits on the items and many of the missions give bait as a reward, so make sure you don't lose a reward, use up spares.

Each takes one Fishing Hook which is requested and two Wriggly Worms that are found in American Moss and, less often, in Blueberries and the Fishing Hole Bonus.

Limits: 18 Fish Hooks, 20 Wriggly Worms, 30 Bait

Fishing Pole  - Craft Two for Mission 'One What a Bass Hole.'

Each requires 1 Rod Ring and 2 Flexible Sticks, both requested.

Unblocking the Fishing Hole - Required for Mission 2 "Mud Guppies"

8 Canvas Gloves - Requested
2 Trail Mix - Crafted
5 Divining Rods - Chop any Lumber Tree
8 Creek Maps - Requested

Each Trail Mix is made from 5 Mixed Nuts which are requested and 3 Dried Ginger which comes from Ginger crops, that are on the free gifts page.

Rubber Overalls - Required for Mission Three "Fishing Frenzy"

Each requires 5 Canvas Overalls and 3 Rubber Padding which are both requested.

Clear the Beaver Dam - Required for Mission 4 "Wrecking Records"

20 Beaver Bite Bandages - Found harvesting Cotton
8 Crowbars - Requested
2 Debris Carts - Crafted
8 Beaver Distractions - Requested
8 Mosquito Repellent - Requested
1 Lucky Boot - Found by Fishing

Each Debris Cart requires 5 Reinforced Wheels and 5 Wooden Boxes which are both requested.

Finish the Fishing Pond - Required for mission five "Big Fish Story"

20 Thick Wool Towels - Found tending adult standard sheep
10 Cool Lemonade - Requested
2 Beaver Houses - Crafted
8 Hard Hats - Requested
10 Protective Padding - Requested
3 Rubber Overalls - Crafted

Each Beaver House takes 2 Sanded Oakwood which drops from chopping Oaks and White Oaks and 8 Bundles of Soggy Wood which are requested to make a Beaver Bitten Frame.

Two frames are then added to 7 Beaver Beds.

Each requires 5 Canvas Overalls and 3 Rubber Padding which are both requested.