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Thursday, 10 May 2012

How to Build a Country Fair

We've got a lot of work ahead of us if we're going to make the Country Fair a big success so it's time for another of our crafting guide.

There's only three stages to this one but each has a couple crafting stages and a variation of stuff to find or ask for.

So, you must be THIS high to ride the Post and scream if you wanna craft faster...

Build Stage I - Humble Bob's Taken Ill - Required for Mission II

4 Soup Spoons - Requested
3 Chunks of Chicken - Requested
2 Doc's Chicken Stock - Crafted
1 Homemade Noodles - Crafted
8 Young Corn - Found tending corn
1 Country Fair Flyer - Reward for completing mission I

2 Doc's Chicken Stock

Each requires 4 Bowls of Water (Requested) and 5 Chicken Parts (Found tending Rhode Island Reds) 

In total: 8 Bowls of Water, 10 Chicken Parts

1 Homemade Noodles

Each requires 5 Fresh Eggs (requested) and 6 Fresh Flour (Found tending Wheat)

Build Stage II - Hank Let The Pigs Out - Required for Mission III

8 Fence Brackets - Requested
12 Gate Hinges - Found clearing Grass
6 Pig Slop - Crafted
5 Fence Signs - Requested
6 Pig Gates - Crafted
1 Patched Tent - Reward for completing Mission II

6 Pig Slop

Each requires 3 Piggy Packets (Requested) and 4 Wrinkly Corn Dogs (Found tending Corn Dog Crops)

In total: 18 Piggy Packets, 24 Wrinkly Corn Dogs

6 Pig Gates

Each requires 3 Gate Nails (Requested) and 5 Gate Board (Found chopping Pine Trees of 5+ chops) to make an unfinished Gate.

1 Unfinished Gate is then added to 5 Gate Schematics (Requested) to make a Pig Gate.

In total: 18 Gate Nails, 30 Gate Boards, 30 Gate Schematics

Build Stage III - Granny's Pie Eating Contest - Needed for Mission IV

16 Pie Bibs - Requested
7 Granny's Apple Pie - Crafted
8 Delicious Cherry Pies - Crafted
25 Candy Topping - Found tending Cotton Candy crops
12 Indigestion Pills - Requested
1 Repaired Gate - Reward for Mission III

7 Granny's Apple Pies

Each requires 4 Tasty Pie Crusts and 4 Pie Tins (Requested) to make a Granny's Pie Crust.

1 Pie Crust is added to 8 Green Apple Slices (Found tending Green Apple Trees)

In total: 28 Tasty Pie Crusts, 28 Pie Tins, 56 Green Apple Slices

8 Cherry Pies

Each requires 4 Succulent Cherries (found tending cherry trees) and 3 Cherry Pie Filling (Requested) to make a Rough Cherry Pie.

2 Rough Cherry Pies are added to 5 Warm Oven Mitts to make a Delicious Cherry Pie

In total: 64 Succulent Cherries, 48 Cherry Pie Fillings, 40 Warm Oven Mitts