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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Anniversary Crafting

Ever wondered how to make a carnival float? Well, wonder no longer as we take you through what's needed for the anniversary missions and builds. We'll guide you through in the order you'll find them.

Mission Two - Rodeo On Wheels

Mission - Craft 1 Frontier Firefountain

Each requires 5 Small Fuses and 5 Harnessed Flames - Both Requested

The Float

5 Reinforced Floorboards - Requested
5 Large Ridin' Saddles - Requested
4 Straw Bundles - Found clearing thorns
4 Huge Flowerbeds - Requested

Mission Three - Twins On Parade 

4 Wood Panels - Requested
5 Party Ballons - Drops from tending Festive Balloons
5 Vibrant Flowers - Requested
4 Party Torches - Crafted
6 Twin Seats - Drops from tending Party Popper Trees
4 Rockin' Horses - Requested

Each Party Torch takes 6 Big Sticks (Oak Trees) and 2 Long Candlewicks (requested) to make a Fire Stick. One Fire Stick is then added to 3 Burnin' Fuel (requested) to make a Torch.

Mission 4 - Jail Cell-ebration

Mission - Craft 3 Frontier Firefountains

Each requires 5 Small Fuses and 5 Harnessed Flames - Both Requested


1 Crazy Cake - Crafted
8 Wood Panels - Requested
4 Pink Handcuffs - Requested
1 Frontier Firefountain - Will be crafted during the mission.
9 Cell Bars - Requested
5 Strong Hinges - Requested or drops from Steel Forges

A Crazy Cake needs 10 Raw Sugar (Requested or sugar crops) and 8 Chocolate Shavings (Requested or Oven Collection) to make a Milk Chocolate.

5 Milk Chocolate are then added to 15 Cream Cheese to make a Crazy Cake.