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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Holiday Hall Building Guide

So, what are we going to have to build to store away all those Holiday and Special buildings?

Well, the Holiday Hall is a four step building that lets you store more in it as you build, until finally you get to store the dozen or so that will reside in there. Two steps are requested items only, two need some pesky crafting.

There's also two bits of crafting that are resurrected from previous missions, but they were minimal so have been placed on the relevant mission pages.

Stage One - The Beginning 

3 Attic Schematics - Requested
4 Rustic Candelabras - Requested
3 Bottomless Baskets - Requested
8 Zoning Permits - Requested
6 Storage Plans - Requested
8 Carpenter Kits - Requested

Stage Two - Valentines

8 Romantic Vanities - Requested
7 Lovely Decorations - Requested
8 Aroma Therapy - Requested
8 Love Poems - Requested
12 Lovely Lockets - Requested
2 Irresistible Perfumes - Crafted

Each Perfume needs 8 Sparkling Water (Requested), 16 White Rose Extracts (Tend White Roses) and 6 Hourglass Vials (Requested)

Stage Three - Christmas

14 Wide Chimneys - Requested
15 Glittery Balls - Requested
14 Resolution Lists - Requested
20 Wine Racks - Requested
20 Firecrackers - Requested
20 Wrapping Paper - Requested

Stage Four - Halloween

20 Lantern Patterns - Requested
20 Old Candy Corn - Requested
20 Creepy Costumes - Requested
18 Pumpkin Seeds - Requested
18 Scary Spider Webs - Requested
4 Caramel Apples - Crafted

Each Apple needs 10 Cubed Caramel (requested), 14 Melting Pots (requested) and 12 Green Apples (Harvest Green Apple Trees)