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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Sheriff Academy Building Details

They always say there's two certain things in life, Death and Taxes.

Well, I think we can now add a third to those items, Sheriff Mae will always, but always want a new building.

So, it's time to whip out another Frontierville Express crafting guide as we take a look at what it's going to take for her latest project, the four step Sheriff Academy.

[Please note, Inventory limits are at the end of the post.]

Stage One

5 Speaking Trumpets - Requested
6 Drill Whistles - Requested
20 Dusty Bandanas - Drops from Clover
4 Drill Ropes - Requested
5 Steely Eyed Stares - Requested
10 Armory Keys - Drops from Apple Trees

Stage Two

6 Speaking Trupets - Requested
8 Range Targets - Requested
3 Starry Badges - Crafted
6 Drill Ropes - Requested
8 Obstacles - Requested
30 Armoury Keys - Drops from Apple Trees

Each Starry Badge needs 4 Shiny Stars and 3 Brass Chain Links (Both Requested)

Stage Three

8 Speaking Trumpets - Requested
10 Drill Whistles - Requested
30 Dusty Bandanas  - Drops from Clover
10 Steely Eyed Stares - Requested
8 Recruitment Letters - Requested
6 Cadet Sashes - Crafted

Each Cadet Sash Requires 3 Red Wool and 2 Cadet Pins (Both Requested)

Stage Four

8 Speaking Trumpets - Requested
10 Range Targets - Requested
4 Black Dusters - Crafted
10 Obstacles - Requested
8 Recruitment Letters - Requested
2 Cadet Uniforms - Crafted

Each Cadet Uniform requires 6 Red Wool and 4 Cadet Pins to make 2 Cadet Sashes, then 5 Cadet Hats. All items are requested.

Each Black Duster requires 4 Black Hide (Drops from standard Adult Oxen) and 2 Heavy Stiching (Requested)

Item Inventory Limits

Speaking Trumpet=10
Drill Whistle=10
Drill Rope=10
Steely-eyed Stare=15
Dusty Bandana=40
Armory Key=40
Range Target=15
Recruitment Letter=15

Building Crafting:

Shiny Stars=15
Brass Chain Link=25
Starry Badge=10
Red Wool=35
Cadet Pin=50
Cadet Sash=10
Cadet Hat=55
Cadet Uniform=10
Black Hide=25
Heavy Stitching=10
Black Duster=10

Missions Crafting:

Buttery Crust=20
Improvised Pie Filling=30
Substitute Pie=10
Unpaid Parking Ticket=25
Skid Marks=20
Wagon Boot=10
Cow Patty=40
Reinforced Wheel=40
Oral Exam=15
Top Marks=10