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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Independence Amphitheatre Building Guide

So here we go, time to rattle out the red, white and blue and start shooting those rockets into the sky.

For Frontier Sam to give a good showing he needs a big fancy amphitheatre for his firework display, and that's where you come in.

The amphitheatre is a three stage building with a few bits of crafting in stages 2 and 3 and a mix of requested and found items.

Stage One

7 Stage Planks - Requested
7 Firework Fuse - Requested
7 Wooden Braces - Non-Sapling Oak Trees
7 Long Matchsticks - Requested
7 Firework Casing - Requested

Stage Two

6 Stage Planks - Requested
7 Safety Buckets - Requested
6 Long Sparklers - Sparkling Roses
6 Safety Goggles - Requested
7 Firework Stands - Requested
2 Frontier Rockets - Crafted

Each Frontier Rocket requires 6 Rocket Powder (Drops from Ground Spinners, Frontier Rockets, Grand Finales and Sparkling Roses), 8 Red Rockets (Requested) and 4 Blue Rockets (Requested)

Stage Three

8 Firework Launchers - Requested
7 Frontier Firecrackers - Requested
1 Crazier Cake - Crafted
7 Baskets of Confetti - Sparkling Roses
8 Streamers - Requested
3 Ground Spinners - Crafted

Each Crazier Cake requires 20 Crazy Sugar Sparkles (Sparkling Roses), 20 Crazy Flour (Requested) and 10 Super Sweet Icing (Requested)

Each Ground Spinner requires 4 Rocket Powder (Drops from Ground Spinners, Frontier Rockets, Grand Finales and Sparkling Roses) and 5 Firework Tubing (Requested)