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Monday, 2 July 2012

Shearing Salon Building Guide

So, what do you need to do to become a champion ovine hairdresser?

Well, here's the full guide on what you'll need to beg, borrow and steal for the three stage Shearing Salon building...

There's 6 items per build including one that will come from a mission and some crafting, so everyone get ready and get everything you'll need for the best Salon around...

Stage One

4 Scrubbin' Tubs - Crafted
8 Stylin' Mirrors - Requested
12 Spa Mud - Tending Standard Adult Pigs
6 Stylin Charts - Requested
3 Sprayin Hoses - Crafted
1 Stylists Licence - Reward for completing Mission One

Each Scrubbin Tub requires 4 Master Plaster (Requested) and 4 Water Pipes (Adult Goats - Goats are well known for their metalworking talents.)

Each Sprayin Hose requires 4 Rubber Hoses (Requested) and 3 Big Brass Knozzles (Clearing Grass - The debris, not the Fresh Grass "tree")

Stage Two

8 Dryin Racks - Crafted
16 Egg White Conditioners - Adult Chickens
6 Stash Bins - Crafted
8 Fluffin Rulers - Requested
12 Hair Sweepers - Requested
1 Mint Extractor - Reward for Mission Two

Each Dryin Rack requires 4 Securin Straps (Requested) and 4 Aromatic Bellows (Lemon Trees)

Each Stash Bin requires 4 Burly Burlap (Requested), 4 Twisty Twine (Cherry Trees) and 4 Loose Lace (Requested)

Stage Three

8 Barber Chairs - Crafted
8 Scissor Signs - Crafted
12 Sheep Smocks - Requested
20 Comb Cabinets - Requested
10 Flawless Fluff - Fluffy Sheep
1 Sheep Dip Vat - Reward for Mission Three

Each Barber Chair requires 6 Sprung Springs (Requested) and 6 Leather Pads (Adult Cows)

Each Scissor Sign requires 16 Wooden Handles (Requested), 12 Carvin Blades (Requested) and 6 White Pigment (Green Apple Trees)