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Monday, 16 July 2012

Diner Crafting

Although it's only a short build there's still room for a crafting guide to make sure you know what we'll need from the Diner!

This time around we've only got a two step building (yay!) with a combination of request items, crafting, homestead drops and mission rewards.

So let's take a look at how we're going to set the table...

Stage One
Required for Mission Two

7 Diner Tables - Crafted
6 Diner Booths - Crafted
25 Folded Napkins - Drops from Red Roses
15 Mood Candles - Requested
15 Diner Plates - Requested
1 Gingham Cloth - Reward from Mission One

Each Diner Table requires 6 Long Legs (Requested) and 6 Smooth Tabletops (Pine Trees)

Each Diner Booth requires 4 Leather Seating (Requested) and 5 Wool Padding (Adult Sheep)

Stage Two
Required for Mission Four

4 Patio Tables - Crafted
8 Patio Enclosures - Crafted
30 Sugar Packets - Drops from Beets
20 Flyswatters - Requested
20 Diner Placemats - Requested
1 Diner Chime - Reward from Mission Three

Each Patio Table requires 24 Parasol Ribbing (Requested), 16 Parasol Cloth (Cotton) and 4 Outdoor Tables (Oak Trees)

Each Patio Enclosure requires 9 Stone Edging (Rocks), 12 Decorative Flowers (Pink Orchids) and 8 Patio Gates (Requested)