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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Show Pen Crafting

Let's take a look at how we're going to build our Show Pen.... 

                                   Stage One
Required for Mission Two

4 Fancy Torches - Crafted
4 Small Mousetraps - Crafted
6 Smooth Fenceboard - Requested
6 Cedar Support - Requested
6 Animal Nametags - Requested
20 Pig Measurement - Drops from adult standard pigs

Each Fancy Trough requires 6 Sweet Apples (harvest apples trees on your homestead) and 4 Basic Troughs (requested)

Each Small Mousetrap requires 4 Pinches of Cheese (tend adult goats) and 4 Sensitive Triggers (requested)

Stage Two
Required for Mission Three

8 Hand Crafted Brush - Crafted
10 Supreme Hay Loft - Crafted
20 Warm Floor Tile - Requested
15 Massage Oil - Requested
25 Heated Milk - Drops from adult standard cows
Pretty Feed Bucket - Received for completing Mission One

Each Hand Crafted Brush requires 5 White Twine (harvest white peach trees or on free gifts page) and 4 Soft Bristle (requested)

Each Supreme Hay Loft requires 4 Delicious Hay (drops when tending wheat) and 4 Loft Blueprints (requested.)

Stage Three
Required for Mission Four

8 Poolside Drink - Crafted
8 Mud Mask - Crafted
20 Sun Tan Lotion - Requested
15 Stylin' Shades - Requested
30 Pretty Petal - Tending Pink Roses
1 Acupuncture - Received for completing Mission Two

Each Poolside Drink requires 1 Drink Garnish (crafted) and 8 Cool Drinks (requested):
Drink Garnish is crafted from 6 Maraschino Cherries (harvest cherry trees on your homestead) and 4 Drink Swords (requested)

Each Mud Mask requires 3 Thin Orange Slice (harvest Orange Trees or on free gifts page) and 3 Facial Mud (requested)

Now you have the ability to keep upgrading your Show Pen an unlimited amount of times!

Stage Four

10 Luxurious Pillows - Crafted
8 Intricate Rugs - Crafted
20 Spacious Stalls - Requested
20 N-Stick Flooring - Requested
15 Squeaky Slippers - Requested
10 Prize Piggy Banks - Tend Prize Pigs on your homestead

Each Luxurious Pillow requires 1 Comfy Material (crafted) and 6 Heating Pads:
Comfy Material is crafted with 6 Smooth Feathers (tend neighbor's standard chickens) and 4 Velvet Fabric (requested)

Each Intricate Rug requires 4 Elite Wood (found tending Prized Sheep on your homestead) and 4 Inspired Pattern (requested)