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Monday, 9 July 2012

Museum Building Guide

As you can imagine, no building these days comes without one of our building guides!

The Museum is a four stage build, each with a mix of requests, a craft or two and items you'll find around the homestead (hooray!)

So strap in, get your shovels out and prepare to get your building head on. Let us guide you through everything you'll need for the Museum build and where you'll find all the items!

Stage One - The Untamed Frontier
Needed for Mission One

4 Tree Ring Sections - Requested
6 Ancient Bear Fangs - Dug up at the Dig Site
2 Hand Picks - Crafted
5 Varmint Fossils - Drop from Rocks

Each Hand Pick requires 4 Cherrywood Handles (Cherry Trees) and 2 Handpick Edges (Requested)

Stage Two - Early Arrivals
Needed for Mission Two

4 Excavation Brushes - Crafted
4 Explorer Hats - Requested
6 Wikiwah Wigwams - Dug up at the Dig Site
12 Expedition Chronicles - Requested
20 Taxidermy Glue - Drops from Jackalopes

Excavation Brushes are crafted from 4 Hair Bristles (Requested or NON-Rideable horses) and 3 Brush Handles (Requested)

Stage Three - Taming The Frontier
Needed for Misson Three

8 Frontier Portraits - Requested
10 Red Wagon Paint - Red Clover
8 Settler Diaries - Dug up at the Dig Site
5 Sieves - Crafted
6 Corn Cobs - Requested
8 Long Cow Horns - Skulls

Each Sieve requires 8 Steel Blades (Rocks), 10 Steel Sheets and 5 Wire Mesh, all items are requestable.

Stage Four - Grand Opening
Needed for Mission Four

6 Chandeliers - Crafted
10 Veggie Platters - Requested
10 Frontier Relics - Dug up at the Dig Site
6 Courtly Doors - Crafted
24 Fancy Hats - Requested
10 Hors D'oevres - Requested

Each Chandelier requires 8 Bent Iron, 8 Thin Chains and 3 Chandelier Candles, all requested.

Each Courtly Door requires 5 Door Stain and 9 Handcarved Doors, both requested.