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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Talent Show Crafting Guide

So, it's time for us to put the work in to help Bob and his about to fail County Talent Show!

For each performer we'll need to do a set build that in two cases will lead to big rewards!

Each build relates to a mission and will need to be completed from mission 2 onwards, and will have one item from a previous mission reward!

Stage One - Bear Taming! - Build the permanent Bear Lure

2 Bear Lure Plans - Crafted
3 Female Bear Decoys - Request
2 Smoking Trout - Crafted
8 Hunks of Cheddar - Found tending Adult Goats
8 Jars of Honey - Drops tending Sugar Plums
1 Talent Show Flyer - Reward from Mission One

Each Lure Plan requires 4 Sturdy Picnic Baskets (Requested) and 4 Tasty Peaches (Peach Trees)

Each Smoked Trout requires 4 Large Trout (Requested) and 3 Fish Seasoning (Tending Spicebushes)

Stage Two - Monkeying Around - Set up Amos' Act

15 Brew Bottles - Requested
12 Red Habanjeros - Found harvesting Habanjeros
5 Bunyan Brews - Crafted
8 Essence of Bunyan - Requested
15 Monkey-Proof Lids - Requested
1 Granny's Whip - Reward from Mission Two

Each Bunyan Brew requires 4 Peculiar Potions (Requested) and 3 Horn Extracts (Adult Standard Cows)

Stage Three - Rhinestone Cowgirl! - Set up Bess' Act

20 Sparkly Hats - Requested
6 Frontier Gloves - Crafted
10 Fancy Lassos - Crafted
20 Sparkling Spurs - Found tending Non-Rideable Horses
15 Pinches of Glitter - Requested
1 Bunyan Brew Case - Mission Reward from Mission Three

Each Frontier Glove requires 2 Frontier Leather (Adult Oxen), 3 Strong Stitching (Requested) and 6 Tanning Oil (Requested)

Each Fancy Lasso requires 3 Red Ribbons (Requested) and 2 Sparkling Ropes (Harvesting Flax)

Stage Four - Handy Man! - Learn to craft Tough Hand Tonic!

15 Massage IOUs - Requested
12 Frontier Gloves - Crafted
6 Tough Hand Plans - Crafted
20 Massage Pillows - Requested
20 Alow Ointment - Found tending Aloe Vera
1 Dancing Outfit - Reward from Mission Four

Each Frontier Glove requires 2 Frontier Leather (Adult Oxen), 3 Strong Stitching (Requested) and 6 Tanning Oil (Requested)

Each Tough Hand Plan requires 6 Tough Sand Paper (Neighbour Pines), 9 Iron Shavings (Requested) and 5 Toughening Ointment (Requested)