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Friday, 25 May 2012

Pig Pavilion Building Guide

Stage One

4 Sturdy Horseshoes - Crafted
8 Organisers - Requested
12 Chicken Feathers - Found tending adult Chickens
6 Chore Lists - Requested
3 Doc's Mowers - Crafted
1 Prize Pig Certificate - Reward for mission 1.

Each Sturdy Horseshoe needs 4 Horseshoe Nails (Requested) and 4 Broken Horseshoes (Tending Adult Rideable Horses.

Each Mower needs 4 Mower Schematics (Requested) and 3 Grass Clippings (Found clearing Grass)

Stage Two

8 Potion Vials - Crafted
16 Calorie Cream - Found Tending Cows
6 Growth Agents - Crafted
8 Doc's Ingredients List - Requested
12 Doc's Secret Stuff - Requested
1 Doc's To Do List - Reward from Mission 2

Each Potion Vial needs 4 Small Vials (Requested) and 4 Small Corks (Found Harvesting Lemon Trees)

Each Growth Agent needs 4 Active Ingredients (Requested) and 4 Purple Dye (Harvesting Pomegranate Trees) to make a Purple Liquid.

One of those is added to 8 Spoonfuls of Sugar (Requested) to form the Growth Agent.

Stage Three

8 Trophy Dusters - Crafted
8 Pig Trough - Crafted
12 Pig Massage - Requested
20 Confidence Boosters - Requested
10 Piggie Perfection - Fount tending Prize Pigs of any kind.
1 Doc's Pig Secrets - Reward for completing Mission 3.

Each Trophy Duster takes 6 Duster Handles (Requested) and 6 Goose Feathers (Deops tending Adult Geese)

Each Trough requires 4 Trough Instructions and 3 Long Boards (Both Requested) to make a Trough Supplies.

Four Trough Supplies are added to 6 Old Apples (tending Green Apple Trees) to make a Pig Trough.