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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Grange Building Guide

If we're going to store away all those Partner Buildings and have a place to show off what we've done so far it's going to take some work, c'mon, you knew it would.

The Grange is a four step build with the usual mix of wall posts, DRs, crafting and Homestead drops!

So, sit back and take a read of just what we're going to need...

Stage One

4 Display Cases - Crafted
4 Stage Sections - Crafted
8 Historic Items - Wall Post
6 Frontier Pictures - Direct Request
8 Veggie Seeds - Carrots
8 Garden Soil - Compost Piles

Each Case requires 4 Shelf Wood (Pine Trees) and 3 Glass Doors (Wall Post)

Each Section requires 4 Nice Trim (Apple Trees) and 4 Stage Planks (Direct Request)

Stage Two

8 Crafting Tables - Crafted
8 Podiums - Crafted
12 Town Maps - Wall Post
16 Craft Supplies - Direct Request
15 Floor Boards - Oak Trees
16 Gooey Glue - Horses

Each Table requires 4 Scrap Paper (Birch Trees) and 6 Fixin' Glue (Wall Post)

Each Podium requires 4 Veggie Crates (Cherry Tomatoes) and 6 Note Pads (Direct Request)

Stage Three

10 Training Pen - Crafted
10 Grooming Stations - Crafted
20 Wash Bins - Wall Post
12 Window Shutters - Direct Request
16 Sturdy Combs - White Roses
18 Corn Nut Feed - Corn

Each Pen requires 4 Frontier Treats (Catnip) and 5 Pet Gates (Wall Post)

Each Grooming Station requires 6 Wet Scrubbers (Sugar Cane), 9 Stretchy Hose (Wall Post) and 5 Pet Tables (Direct Request)

Stage Four

10 Grange Signs - Crafted
12 Meeting Chairs - Crafted
16 Bright Lanterns - Wall Post
25 Garden Lattices - Direct Request
16 Vine Ties - Silk
18 Drinking Troughs - Wall Post

Each Sign requires 4 Sanded Planks (Bamboo) and 6 Stencils (Wall Post)

Each Chair requires 6 Bum Springs (Goats), 9 Fanny Pads (Direct Request) and 6 Chair Frames (Wall Post)