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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Paid Favours

Did you know the homesteaders are sometimes willing to pay Horseshoes for favours?

Well, many don't, so we've decided to do this quick Favours guide to show you how to be rolling in the gold with the Favour system when there's stuff for you to watch.

One confusion folks have is that you have to DO the Favour mission to get the Horseshoes, you don't. Once you've watched the video you can cancel the mission (one a day is free) or leave it to time out.

So, lets get going, but first up there is a couple little caveats and warnings to pop up to make sure it all works ok.

Warning 1: There's not ALWAYS a video available for you to watch, although there does seem to be more lately. Just keep trying if there's not one, they can appear in an already open Favour.

Warning 2: VERY IMPORTANT... If you've taken our previous advice and have an adblocker on to get full screen gaming (details HERE) then you need to switch the adblocker OFF before attempting to do favours, as the videos are ads... so are blocked.... does what it says on the tin.

BEFORE you load the game, click the Adblock Icon in your address bar (Chrome) or a button in your navbar at the top (Firefox), it'll have a warning sign with ABP inside in big white letters. From there, click to disable Adblock for now, just while we collect Favours, you can reactivate it after by repeating the steps.

So, Favours for Horseshoes, how do they work?

First up we need to find a Homesteader who wants a favour doing. They will show up with an exclamation mark over their head.

This means they have something they want to foist off on you, so click them and select the View Favour option.

That will open up their favour and if you're lucky, there will be a blue third option to watch a video for Horseshoes.

Simply click the button to watch the video and let it run. It'd be NICE to watch it, but there's also the option to make a cup of tea, stick on a Youtube video of a kitten falling asleep in it's dinner or have an intimate moment with your other half (what? some last over 2 minutes!).

At the end you should get a message saying you've been a good boy or girl and (sometimes with a bit of a gap) your Horseshoes will ding into your account.

You can watch three movies a day, so 9 horseshoes a day, and they soon add up...

Basically Zynga is pimping our eyeballs, but hey, we get paid!