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Monday, 11 March 2013

Butterfly Habitat Building Guide

Butterflies have a lot of natural enemies so to make sure all of ours make it safely on their Migration we're going to need to keep them safe and train them up!

To do that we're going to need to build up the Butterfly Sanctuary and Habitat.

It's a four step build the kind of which we're used to by now... groups of requests homestead drops from a variety of things and, of course, some crafting! So lets see what we're going to be doing... and check later on, some things are reused!

Stage One

4 Specimen Books - Crafted
2 Flower Bath - Crafted
5 Rearing Cages - Requests
6 Feeding Cups - Requests
12 Carved Owls - Pine Trees
12 Pollen Powder - Wildflowers

Each Specimen Book requires 3 Book Pages (Apple Trees) and 5 Butterfly Book Covers (Requested)

Each Flower Bath requires 6 Tulip Cups (Mixed Tulips) and 6 Raindrops (Requested)

Stage Two

5 Landing Pads - Crafted
5 Butterfly Feeders - Crafted
10 Perch Posts - Requested
8 Workout Balls - Requested
15 Milkweed Leaves - Adult Cows
16 Bark Bites - Fully Grown Oak Trees

Each Landing Pad requires 4 Runway Paint (Baby Carrots) and 5 Smooth Landing Strips (Requested)

Each Feeder requires 4 Pure Water (Snowball Piles) and 6 Feeding Tubes (Requested)

Stage Three

6 Sugar Sticks - Crafted
8 Wing Tonics - Crafted
10 Rearing Cages - Requested
12 Feeding Cups - Requested
15 Pollen Powder - Wildflowers
20 Butterfly Larvae - Buddleia

Each Sugar Stick requires 6 Thin Sticks (Sugar Cane) and 6 Sugar Crystals (Requested)

Each Wing Tonic requires 6 Prunes (Sugar Plums), 6 Granny's Perfume and 5 Rose Extract (Requested)

Stage Four

10 Butterfly Gyms - Crafted
12 Butterfly Weights - Crafted
10 Perch Posts - Requested
20 Workout Balls - Requested
25 Wing Strengthen - Red Clover
16 Raindrops - Requested

Each Gym requires 4 Stiff Leaves (Passion Flowers), 8 Wind Tubes and 6 Butterfly Bars (Requested)

Each Butterfly Weight requires 3 Weight Rocks (Rocks) and 4 Weight Nets (Requested)