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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Raised Beds Building Guide

The Raised Beds may be a quality addition to the Homestead but will take some work to get completed.

As it grows, we'll be able to store more crops.

It's a very traditional setup for the builds, 4 steps and a collection of requests, crafting and things that will drop from the homestead.

So, lets see what we need...

Stage One

6 Spring Passion - Passion Flowers
5 Flower Stands - Crafted
8 Red Tulips - Mixed Tulips
4 Raised Bed Stands - Crafted
8 Flower Mulch - Requested
8 Enriched Soil - Adult Chickens

Each Flower Stand requires 3 Metal Piping (Basic Stills) and 5 Pipe Benders (Requested)

Each Stand requires 5 Cherry legs (Cherry Trees) and 6 Square Nails (Requested)

Stage Two

10 Garden Markers - Requested
8 Hand Shovels - Crafted
16 Superb Soil - Cows
8 Tomato Wire - Crafted
15 Gardening Hats - Requested
12 Broccoli Shoots - Broccoli

Each Shovel requires 3 Tin Shanks (Tin Forges) and 6 Small Handles (Requested)

Each Wire requires 3 Straight Wires (Sparkler Crops) and 6 Wire Pliers (Requested)

Stage Three

8 Balancing Soil - Requested
10 Garden Carts - Crafted
15 Pig Pen Slop - Pigs
8 Watering Tins - Crafted
18 Mini Rakes - Requested
18 Fresh Carrots - Baby Carrots

Each Cart requires 2 Cart Handles (Bamboo), 5 Cart Boxes and 7 Wooden Wheels (Both Requested)

Each Watering Tin requires 5 Chewed Tin Cans (Goats) and 5 Tin Cutters (Requested)

Stage Four

18 Weed Mulch - Requested
10 Gardening Belts - Crafted
12 Path Stones - Requested
8 Planting Tools - Crafted
25 Slug-Be-Gone - Requested
20 Spinach Salads - Spinach

Each Belt requires 3 Leather Pockets (Hide Prepping Stations), 5 Needle and Threads and 8 Rope Bolts (Both requested)

Each Tool requires 5 Tin Shanks (Tin Forges) and 5 Basic Grips (Requested)