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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Flag Symbol Guide

Each flag patch has different crating requirements and rewards in the same way as the Quilting patches etc.

Each one is crafted from the same base wall post ingredient, the Canvas Patch, with each one needing an increasing amount of them.

To that we add one item that comes from one or two homestead drops, usually with at least one coin crop and one free gift or reward.

PLEASE NOTE: Crops will not drop the items to craft patches until they've been unlocked.

Flag Types give different point totals
Which Flag type you pick gives a different base points amount.

Template 1 - 50 points
Template 2 - 75 points
Template 3 - 100 points
Template 4 - 150 points

Frontier Patch
Unlocks: Immediately
Rewards: 25 Flag Points

Crafted with 5 Frontier Designs (Soybean) and 3 Canvas Patches (Wall Posts)

Can drop Crop Rewards when used (x5) - Cabbage, Corn, Gold Roses, Passion Flowers, Tea, Gardenias, Gerbera Daisies, Foxglove, Fancy Cattails, Deadly Nightshade, Scarlet Wisteria.

Abstract Symbols
Unlocks: Mission Two
Rewards: 50 Flag Points

Crafted with 3 Abstract Designs (Spider Flowers/Grapes) and 4 Canvas Patches (Wall Posts)

Can drop Tree Rewards when used - Plum, Colorado Pinyon, Fig, Lemon, Fully Grown Pine, Frozen Cherry Tree, Fully Grown Oak, Banyan Tree, Fully Grown Hickory, Fully Grown Pole Pine, Mistletoe, Monkey Puzzle, Grapefruit.

Nature Symbols
Unlocks: Mission Three
Rewards: 75 Flag Points

Crafted with 4 Nature Designs (Juniper Berries/Cabbage) and 5 Canvas Patches (Wall Posts)

Can drop Animal Rewards when used - Garden Sheep, Goose, Cow, Sheep, Pig, Fancy Kitten, Love Bunny, Frontier Hawk, Cuddly Kittens or Rescue Sheep.

OR, can drop recent healing items - Dog Chow for Snooty Poodles and Cleaning Spray for Muddy Animals.

Regal Patches
Unlocks: Mission Four
Rewards: 100 Flag Points

Crafted from 5 Regal Designs (Surveying Sheep/Spring Flowers) and 6 Canvas Patches (Wall Posts)

Can drop Energy or Boosts Rewards when used - Dinner, Peanut Ready Boosts, Wheat Ready Boosts, Red Rose Ready Boosts, White Rose Ready Boosts, Refreshing Red Cider Boost, Brass Forge Ready Boosts, Steel Forge Ready Boosts, Green Mountain Cider Boost, Frontier Fritter, Crop Whisperer, Squeezing the Stone, Ultimate Chilli, Rocket Readier, Raging Buffalo or Crazy Cake.