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Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Anniversary Date Crafting Guide...

The full guide on what comes from what in the Anniversary Date missions:

Fixing Up The Lake:

4 Lake Flowers - Requested
150'000 coins
3 Flowered Hedges - Requested
8 Row Boat Planks - Chopping Pine Trees
6 Romantic Candles - Requested
Bridge Buildin' Book - Mission Reward

Preparing Fanny

6 Pearl Necklaces - Requested
8 Silver Bangles - Requested
10 Wool Fleece - Collected from Adult Sheep
6 Fancy Skirts - Crafted with 3 Blue Cloth (Request) and 2 Strong Thread (Request)
3 Muslin Pieces - Drops from Tailor Shop Daily Bonus
1 Comfy Shoes - Mission Reward

Gussy Fanny Up

6 Floral Assets - Collected from Lillies
8 Love is in the Air - Crafted from Affection (Cactii and Thorns on neighbours), Happiness (Request) and February Calendar (Request)
3 Dress Bonnets - Crafted from Elegant Ribbon (Request) and Elegant Lace (Request)
6 Classy Makeup - Request
8 Fancy Beads - Request
1 Fancy Glasses - Mission Reward

Finishing Touches

6 Mushroom Cream Sauce - Crafted from Diced Mushroom (Tree Stumps), Bottle of Cream (request) and Saucy Spices (Request)
10 Fillet Mignon - Collected from Adult Cows
12 Love is in the Air - Crafted from Affection  (Cactii and Thorns on neighbours) , Happiness (Request) and February Calendar (Request)
10 Sparkling Cider - Request
Place Settings - Request
Frontier Cookbook - Mission Reward