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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Looking for Leprechaun Items? Here's the Guide!

So, forget those Lucky Charms, we know what you REALLY want to get a hold of are the Leprechaun's Pot 'o' Gold! Well, to get that you need the leprechaun collection... so where can you find it?!

We've decided to write up a little note of where to collect those funky green items and take away the little green man's cauldron full of goodies.

There is a very small chance of collection items dropping from anything you do on your own frontier, and on neighbours. Every task has the following chances:

Common Collectible - 1%
Uncommon Collectible - 1%
Rare Collectible - 0.5%

Now, obviously those are not good odds so the best thing is to concentrate on the items with a bigger chance of dropping those that you want.

The majority of those are items you should already be planting or tending for missions, Cows, Clover, Potatoes and Cabbage... however, strangely and slightly randomly the items also drop from SHEEP... so if you've been ignoring the wooly blighters thinking they won't help, think again!

Each of those items have the following drop rate chances:

Common Collectible - 7%
Uncommon Collectible - 2%
Rare Collectible - 1%

The final places to get the collectibles are the Leprechaun and the Pot 'o' Gold itself!

The Leprechaun has two chances to pop a Collectible out, when it "attacks" and when it's caught.

When it's attacked the chances are:

Common Collectible - 5.6%
Uncommon Collectible - 1.6%
Rare Collectible - 0.8%

When it's clobbered it's:

Common Collectible - 8.4%
Uncommon Collectible - 2.3%
Rare Collectible - 1.2%

There's also the chance of a Pot 'o' Gold itself dropping 1% of the time you clobber a Leprechaun!

When you open up a Pot 'o' Gold the chances of finding collectibles are:

Common Collectible - 7.5%
Uncommon Collectible - 2%
Rare Collectible - 0.3%

So there we go, all the chances of picking up those hiding little St Paddy's day items! So best get searching!