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Monday 13 June 2011

Things we should remember to do daily...

...but often don't.

Because we're so used to having missions on the go telling us what to do there's a few simple and easy things we should do at least daily (if not more) but just don't, we either don't think about them or we don't get around to it.

So, here is a quick to-do list of those oft forgotten but oh so helpful things we should always try to remember to do.

Building Bonuses...

Remember to collect all your building bonuses every day, I do mine all at one time so I know they're done and you'd be amazed what a quick whip round will garner in terms of XP, food, energy etc.

Also remember bonuses that can be collected MORE than once a day. The Water Well can be collected from every 12 hours and the Toll Booth every 6. The booth can be anything between 1 and 200 of each resource and, surprisingly, you have a better chance (over twice as likely) of getting a higher prize than a lower one.

No Energy left behind...

Do we all make sure we're empty before leaving? how about if we're on the computer all day but think no crops or animals will be ready any time soon so we'll stay off the game for a few more hours.

Remember every energy point can be valuable, before leaving do any old thing to use up any spare energy you have. If there are no animals or crops etc that need looking at clear some debris or single chop a few trees, they'll be all healed back up by the time you come back again the next day!

Equally if you have the chance, nip on and burn some energy when you can. An average energy bar is around 30-40... well, a 35 energy bar will be filled in just under 3 hours, and then there is no more... just one quick run around some animals etc when you have a spare 5 minutes can mean a lot of extra goodies, even if you wont be on for a proper gaming session for another few hours.

Don't ignore anything...

If you're like me you tend to your growing animals first, sheep, oxen etc. Make sure, however, that you don't forget the mystery and injured animals! Some Mystery animals such as the deer and rabbit give good food rewards per click and in the case of the rabbit are tendable very often.

Also healed injured animals (bit of an oxymoron) still take NO energy to feed, either by hand or using the feeder so you've never got any excuses to leave a healed snimal with a yellow arrow, it's free stuff!

Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours...

Don't wait for a mission to tell you to hire folks, get your neighbour visits in, and if you haven't already complete the "Writing" schoolhouse lesson to up your amount of hireable neighbours to three, long term it's one of the most useful of all the lessons.

Every time we hire a neighbour we get an amount of XP relative to their reputation level, so hire daily and pick your hires well, check those rep figures in the neighbour bar!

Equally, if there's nothing going on on your own homestead get visiting, each visit gets you coins, energy and cloth and then on top of that all the goodies from whatever you do during the 5 tends! Plus if you visit a new neighbour you'll get 5 times as much stuff!

So not only are you getting free stuff elsewhere you're also picking up energy to use on your own homestead, win-win!

Trade ya...

Check the Trading Post, a lot of the newer things to be added are traded for 20XP, and if you've picked up a lot of rubbish from one mission that's a damn good return on it!

To paraphrase Rudyard Kipling...

If you can fill the unforgiving minute,
With sixty seconds' of homestead stuff done,
Yours is the Frontier and everything that's in it,
And, which is more, you'll be a Pioneer, my son!