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Friday, 22 July 2011

Inn Upgrade Bonuses

So, you've completed the Inn Upgrade and all four of it's missions... now it's time to fill those rooms... BUT, what will you get for it?

Well, here's the full list of bonuses! (ALL of them will have the same chance of collecting an item from the Inn L'Amour Collection and 3 energy points)

Fill No Rooms: 250 Coins

Fill One, Two or Three Rooms: 500 coins, 1 care package

Fill Four, Five or Six Rooms: 750 Coins, 1 care package

Fill Seven, Eight or Nine Rooms: 1000 coins, 2 care packages

You'll also get an increasing chance of getting at least one item from the list below, from a small chance with just one or two rooms filled up to a guaranteed shot at more than one item appearing for maxing out the Inn L'Amours lovin' potential.

Injured Animal Items: Milk Bottle, Carrot Juice, Chunky Chow, Fuzzy Blanket, Juicy Berry.

Horse Boosts: Apple, Carrot, Sugar Lumps boosts, Bronco Tonic for racing.

Spring Water

Poker Card

Drink Ingredients: Iced Tea, Mineral Water, Granny's No. 5, Mule Kick Mix, Oat Concentrate.

The items are randomly selected, you won't get one of each, it's luck of the draw.