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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Get Rich Crafting Guide!

Yes, here we are, another set of missions, another Frontierville Express crafting guide!

It's time for us to guide you through the three repeatable missions in Get Ready to Get Rich!

As these missions aren't repeated in order but chosen by the player (you can ignore one or two of the missions entirely) we've also tried to give a few hints and tips on which is the best mission for YOU to do, depending on what you have and how you play the game, along with a conclusion.

This won't work for everyone, but hopefully it'll be of help to some.

Mission 1

Craft 4 Mashed Potatoes
You need (in total): 12 Mashed potatoes (found harvesting potatoes), 16 Potato Mashers (request), 16 Creamy Butter (request)

Craft 6 Granny Gut Punch
You need (in total): 30 Iced Tea, 30 Granny's Number 5

Requests total: 92 per mission

Other requirement: Harvest 40 Peas

This mission is good for: Folks still doing Canning or folks who have LOTS of spare crop space.

This mission is bad for: Folks who don't have much crop crafting space or are allergic to requesting. This mission does have the worst ratio of request to reward.

How to get the best from this mission: Have LOTS of crop space, many people I know have space for 600 crops, if you don't have that much, halve or quarter it but it will obviously take longer.

Plant 400 peas, and keep a rotation going in the rest of the space for potatoes. While the peas are growing pound the walls and your requests for the items needed. Also remember that we all have 2 different drink ingredients so ask your neighbours if they can send the ones for Gut Punch.

Once the peas are ripe ONLY harvest 40 for the mission, then craft the items needed. Then harvest another 40 and repeat! Remember you have a long time before the peas will wither so you'll actually have 6 days from planting to collect all the other requests. Also any neighbour tends will count, so with some really helpful neighbours you could get at least one or two "free" missions from the peas before they're even ripe.

The massive boost here is the huge "unseen" reward of harvesting that many Peas and potatoes. Suffice to say your food and XP stocks (not to mention Pea Collections for wither protect boosts!) will shoot up on this one.

Be aware, however, that this will only get you HALF way to the 500 total.

Mission 2

Craft 4 Seives
You need (in total): 32 Sharp blades (requested and drops from rocks), 40 Steel Sheet (requested), 20 Wire Mesh (requested)

Requests total: 92 per mission

Other requirements: Clear 10 Rocks, Clear 25 Thorns or Cactus on Neighbour Steads.

This mission is good for: People who really, REALLY hate debris.

This mission is bad for: The majority of players.

How to get the best from this mission: To be honest, this isn't a great mission. Although it has twice the request to reward ratio of mission one it's generally worse requirements. You'll need to either be patient to wait for rocks to appear (and leave a lot of space) or rattle through clearing collections.

Despite it's higher rewards the space you're setting aside (unless you burn a lot of clearing collections) could be used much better planting the peas etc for mission one which gives you far more intangible rewards above and beyond what you get during the missions.

If you DO have oodles of clearing collections this should be a fairly simple mission (especially with a bundle of lower level neighbours with lots of debris) but in the end you'll need 100 rocks.

Mission 3

Craft 10 Wild Pup Med Kit
You need (in total): 40 Pup Wraps (requested or found tending adult sheep), 60 Pup Medicine (requested), 40 Wild Pup Care books (requested)

Requests total: 140 per mission.

Other requirements: Feed 30 Adult Badgers, tend 35 Goats on Neighbour Steads.

This mission is good for: Folks who don't mind requesting. The majority of this mission is actually quite simple, especially now that badgers are a free gift. Just ask neighbours to pop a few goats out and get to tending your adult sheep, most people will have quite a few of them around.

It will require patience but overall the amount of requests is comparable to mission two and, obviously, this mission has vastly better rewards, both in terms of mission rewards and the XP bonuses/Mastery bonuses from tending the Badgers.

This mission is bad for: Folks who dislike injured animals and waiting. There will be a lot of crafting to get that Pup up and healthy and, because it's all concentrated in one part, it might feel worse than the other missions. It also means that you'll be waiting on requests to come in perhaps more than the other two missions.

How to get the best from this mission: Get some good friends to send you some badgers, they mature quickly so even with 15 this part of the mission will be a breeze, equally a few good friends all putting goats out for each other (and maybe some prudent Loyal Pioneer use) will rush you through this one.


So, I hear you ask... what's the BEST way of doing it? What would I suggest and, in fact, what will I be doing?

Well, here is my personal plan.

I will do mission 2 once, largely because I already have a mission active that needs rocks. If you don't have the mission (the first Debris Generator mission) then to be honest Mission 2 could well be ignored.

I'll then do a mix of missions 1 and 3. I'll concentrate on 3 due to the vastly better rewards but might as well do 1 while I'm waiting on the stuff to heal the pup.

To be honest though it's really a personal choice. Weigh up what you have and what seems easiest for YOU.