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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Bigfoot Building Guide

If we're going to catch Bigfoot we need the best equipment we can find, and that means upgrading the Mystery Wagon and building some tricks and traps that will help to catch the mountain man.

That translates to a four step build procedure, in the now familiar style.

It'll contain all the stuff we're used to seeing in a build, wall posts, direct requests, crafting and, of course, those homestead drops from various items around the stead.

Stage One

6 No Stick Oil - Geese
6 Mud Boots - Requested
4 Log Bridges - Crafted
8 Wooly Steel - Imported Silver Sheep
8 Plaster Buckets - Requested
5 Foot Molds - Crafted

Each Log Bridge requires 3 Curved Logs (Sugar Cane) and 5 Walkin' Supports (Requested)

Each Mold requires 3 Castin' Plaster (Pigs) and 5 Measurein' Tapes (Requested)

Stage Two

15 Hair Gel - Blue Corn
15 Tough Combs - Requested
8 Hair Catchers - Crafted
12 Scene Tape - Skulls
12 Sample Bags - Requested
8 Testing Kits - Crafted

Each Catcher requires 3 Long Poles (Birch Trees) and 6 Snaggin' Claws (Requested)

Each Kit requires 4 Hair Dissolvers (Lemon Trees) and 6 Hair Sample Charts (Requested)

Stage Three

18 Paddles - Fully Grown Oak
15 Waterproof Liners - Requested
10 Wagon Pontoons - Crafted
20 Lip Balm - Blazing Stars
12 Ear Plugs - Requested
8 Bigfoot Callers - Crafted

Each Pontoon requires 4 Log Ties (Hide Prepping Stations), 8 Wagon Latches and 4 Sealed Logs (both Requested)

Each Caller requires 3 Duck Calls (Ducks) and 5 Phonograph Cones (Requested)

Stage Four

12 Trap Snares - White Roses
18 Tent Stakes - Requested
12 King Sized Traps - Crafted
15 Chilli Snacks - Chilli Peppers
20 Large Nets - Requested
8 Enticing Treasure - Crafted

Each King Sizes Trap takes 8 Trapping Boards (Requested), 6 Proppin' Stalks (Tomatoes) and 5 Snaggin' Ropes (Requested)

Each Enticing Treasure requires 5 Goldie's Lost Loot (Sieve Stations) and 5 Granny's Pies (Requested)