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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Varmint Technical Academy Building Guide

Universities take a lot of work, and building up one, even just to train Varmints, is going to work, although this week the Building is 25% less than normal being just a three step build!

Even though it's only three stages it's still the same mix of items that we're going to need, Wall Posts, Direct Requests, Crafting and, of course, homestead drops!

So, lets take a look at what we'll need!

Stage One

10 Dorm Food - Cotton Candy
16 Orientation Itinerary - Direct Request
8 Bunk Beds - Crafted
10 Freshman 15 - Cheesemaker
10 Welcome Packets - Wall Post
15 Itchy Blankets - Wall Posts

Each Bunk Bed requires 3 Unsturdy Ladders (Oak Tree) and 4 Pairs of Mattresses (Wall Post)

Stage Two

20 Giant Chalkboards - Direct Request
20 Overpriced Texbooks - Wall Post
9 Professor's Offices - Crafted
20 Spiral Notebook - Cranberries
25 Teacher's Aids - Direct Request
18 Varmint Curriculums - Wall Posts

Each Office requires 6 Ancient Notes (Spider Flowers), 12 Stacks of Unread Books (Wall Post) and 8 Irregular Office Hours (Direct Request)

Stage Three

18 Customised Toolsets - Steel Forges
25 Final Exams - Wall Posts
12 Chemistry Sets - Crafted
25 Passing Grades - Sheep
18 Tiny Trumpets - Direct Request
12 Final Projects - Crafted

Each Set requires 6 Cracked Beakers (Glass Forge), 9 Graduated Cylinders (Wall Post) and 7 Sketchy Chemicals (Direct Request)

Each Project requires 8 Caffeine (Compost Pile), 8 University Library Cards (Direct Request) and 5 Plagiarism (Wall Post)