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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Where is my playful Pony?

One of the biggest questions we have had at our FACEBOOK HELP PAGE at the moment  is "How do I find my Playful Pony?"

Last Days of the Season mission II of II asks us to "With your child mount your Playful Pony" however there is no pony to be found.....Fear not!

You should also have the First Day of School Missions (White schoolhouse icon) - These are known as the 3 Confidence Missions.

When you have completed all three missions once you will be rewarded you with the Giant Hamster; Complete them twice and you will get a Dalmatian dog and when you have completed them all three times you will get your Pony!

You can access this screen by clicking on the School house and selecting 'Prepare For School'.

 Once you have completed the series of missions once you will need to select Replay Missions at the bottom of that window to start them again.

If you have any other questions please stop by our FACEBOOK PAGE!