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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Swimming Hole Building Guide

From clearing up the lake to finding things to play with while you're there via hiring safety procedures... this Swimming Hole will be a lot of fun but also a lot of work.

You'll be unsurprised to hear the Swimming Hole is a four step build with a mix of items to complete it.

Requests, Crafts and homestead drops all play their part across the stages so let's grab a lilo and find out what we need.

Stage One

10 Bladder Balls - Oxen
10 Water Goggles - Direct Request
8 Swimsuits - Wall Post
9 Frontier Floaties - Rubber Root Dandelion
12 Beach Brellas - Direct Request
12 Flippy Floppies - Wall Post

Stage Two

10 Pullropes - Standard White Llamas
10 Waterskis - Wall Post
8 Floatin Chairs - Crafted
12 Sunscreen - Foxglove
15 Floating Ramps - Direct Request
9 Pedal Boats - Crafted

Each Chair requires 6 Gutted Melons (Melons) and 8 Broken Chairs (Direct Request)

Each Boat requires 4 Old Bicycles (Tin Forges) and 8 Dinghies (Wall Post)

Stage Three

20 Zinc Oxide - Basic Still
14 Piercing Whistles - Wall Post
10 Lifeguard Chairs - Crafted
14 Safety Scopes - Brass Forges
15 Safety Floats - Direct Request
12 Life Vests - Crafted

Each Chair requires 6 White Struts (Birch Trees), 10 Thick Bolts (Direct Request) and 5 Deck Chairs (Wall Post)

Each Vest requires 4 Sturdy Buckles (Steel Forges) and 5 Bright Floaters (Wall Post)

Stage Four

15 Waterproof Caulk - Direct Request
12 Dam Outlet Pipes - Wall Post
12 Organic Mortar - Crafted
16 Dam Sticks - Huckleberry (Blue not Red!)
18 Dam Hole Pluggers - Wall Post
12 Water Wheels - Crafted

Each Mortar requires 8 Sticky Cow Piles (Cows), 8 Dam Thick Mud (Wall Post) and 6 Mixing Tubs (Direct Request)

Each Wheel requires 6 Used Pans (Blue Essence Labs), 9 Large Cartwheels (Direct Request) and 4 Gearshafts (Wall Post)