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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Warehouse Building Guide

If we're going to fix up this warehouse to store buildings it's gonna take some hard work!

As usual for a build this is a four stepper with a mix of items from the usual places, some requests, some crafting and some homestead drops.

NOTE: One craft is repeated in sets two and three, so plan ahead and don't craft them all until build 2 is finished so you can keep asking.

Stage One

9 Rat Poison - Nightshade
10 Storage Boxes - Direct Request
9 Glass Repair Kit - Wall Post
10 Soundproof Pads - Geese
10 Huge Doors - Direct Request
12 Secret Doors - Wall Post

Stage Two

12 Sleuthing Pipes - Reeds
10 Sleuthing Caps - Wall Post
9 Box Cameras - Crafted
15 Sleeping Mats - Llamas
15 Fingerprinters - Direct Request
8 Secret Rations - Crafted

Each Camera requires 5 Lemon Boxes (Lemon Trees) and 8 Camera Pieces (Wall Post)

Each Ration requires 6 Delicious Treats (Corndog) and 8 Brown Paper Bags (Direct Request)

Stage Three

10 Utility Knives - Green Essence Labs
16 Hound Leashes - Wall Post
10 Frontier Forklifts - Crafted
12 Fred's Fake Beard - Grass
12 Ned's Prints - Direct Request
9 Secret Rations - Crafted

Each Forklift requires 6 Stout Minecarts (Hickory Trees), 10 Winches (Wall Post) and 4 Huge Fork Tines (Direct Request)

Each Ration requires 6 Delicious Treats (Corndog) and 8 Brown Paper Bags (Direct Request)

Stage Four

15 Sturdy Padlocks - Direct Request
16 Decoy Notes - Wall Post
12 Warehouse Cranes - Crafted
18 Sticky Tape - Bull Thistle
18 Wanted Flyers - Wall Post
12 Human Traps - Crafted

Each Crane requires 4 Dolly Frames (Tin Forges), 8 Grooved Wheels (Wall Post) and 5 Hangin' Hooks (Direct Request)

Each Trap requires 6 Reinforced Wire (Freezing Pumps), 9 Giant Cages (Direct Request) and 4 Shiny Bait (Wall Post)