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Friday, 13 September 2013

Bug Prices

One of the interesting things about Bug Collecting is finding collectors who'll buy your spare Bugs... and some will pay some quite nice prices!

So, here'a  full list of the going rate for each bug on the homestead, sorted by where it's found...

Found by Searching the Rotting Log


15'000 coins

Stick Bug

100 coins - 1 Horseshoe


2'000 coins

Found by searching the Musty Shack


100 coins - 10 Gold Dust

Black Scorpion

100 coins - 1 Horseshoe


3'000 coins

Found by searching the Vibrant Meadow

Praying Mantis

100 coins - 750 XP

Iridescent Dragonfly

100 coins - 2 Horseshoes

Big Bumblebee

4'000 coins