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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Nature Shrine Building Guide

We have a lot of work ahead of us every step of the way with this storyline.

First up we have to heal Storm Crow, the try to heal the land, then try to find out why it was ill in the first place and finally catch the guy responsible!

That all boils down to a fairly simple and standard 4 step build, with a combo of requests, crafting and homestead drops.

Stage One

12 Pumpkin Poultices - Pumpkin
10 Fizzy Water - Direct Request
9 Noodle Soups - Wall Post
9 Cold Compress - Frozen Pumps
10 Healing Wards - Direct Request
12 Spirit Charms - Wall Post

Stage Two

10 Wind's Wrath - Dandelions
10 Water's Woes - Wall Post
9 Ritual Paints - Crafted
12 Fire's Fury - Spirit Flames
15 Earth's Emnity - Direct Request
8 Soothing Totems - Crafted

Each Paint requires 4 Horsehair Paintbrushes (Non-Rideable Horses) and 8 Vivid Dyes (Wall Post)

Each Totem requires 6 Soothing Sprites (Indian Paintbrush) and 8 Colourless Totems (Direct Request)

Stage Three

11 Scraps of Cloth - Thorns
16 Energy Detectors - Wall Post
10 Bad Spirit Catchers - Crafted
10 Suspicious Monocles - Mulberry Bushes (How many eyes does this guy have?!)
12 Tampering Evidences - Direct Request
9 Soothing Totems

Each Catcher requires 6 Pleasant Vibes (Passion Flowers), 10 Inert Dreamcatchers (Wall Post) and 4 Wheel N' Axles (Direct Request)

Each Totem requires 6 Soothing Sprites (Indian Paintbrush) and 8 Colourless Totems (Direct Request)

Stage Four

15 Witherwood's Location - Direct Request
16 Fast Horses - Wall Post
12 Power Compasses - Crafted
18 Tough Cuffs - Steel Forges
18 Natural Guidance - Wall Post
12 Net Rifles - Crafted

Each Compass requires 4 Wine Corks (Wine Grapes), 8 Magnetised Needles (Wall Post) and 5 Nature Stone Fragments (Direct Request)

Each Rifle requires 6 Fishnets (Rye), 9 Small Weights (Direct Request) and 4 Wide Barrelled Muskets (Wall Post)