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Friday, 25 April 2014

Chupacabra Building Guide

Ahh, the Chupacabra, legendary Goat predator, is in town and our Goat's need protecting!

But... how are we going to do that?

Well, we're going to do that with a Goat Sanctuary! which, in short, means a four stage build with that oh so familiar collection of requests, crafted items and, of course, homestead drops.

Stage One

10 Unsharpened Pikes - Oak Trees
9 Axe Handles - Direct Request
10 Axe Head - Wall Post
10 Pressure Flaker - Brass Forges
12 Knapping Kit - Direct Request
10 Archaeology Whip - Wall Post

Stage Two

15 Plugging Chisels - Tin Forges
10 Mortar - Wall Post
9 Brick Mold - Crafted
12 Dry Rope - Maize
15 Climbing Boots - Direct Request
8 Climber's Harness - Crafted

Each Mold requires 3 Hard Wood Planks (Pine) and 8 Scaffold Nails (Wall Post)

Each Harness requires 6 Thick Leather Belts (Hide Prepping Stations) and 8 Bucket Bottoms (Direct Request)

Stage Three

25 Chain Linked Fencing - Adult Standard Cows
16 Metal Poles - Wall Post
9 Barbed Wire Spools - Crafted
16 Ciphers - Gold Forges
14 Glyph Notes - Direct Request
10 Decoder Kits - Crafted

Each Spool requires 6 Wires (Iron Forges) and 8 Wooden Spools (Direct Request)

Each Decoder Kit requires 4 Rock Chalk (Rocks), 10 Tracing Paper (Wall Post) and 4 Maria's Journal (Direct Request)

Stage Four

15 Net Guns - Direct Request
18 Catch Poles - Wall Post
12 Chupacabra Traps - Crafted
18 Scummy Water - Lavender Water Lilies
16 Vicious Crocodiles - Wall Post
12 Moat Diggers - Crafted

Each Trap requires 8 Ram's Horns (Adult Standard Rams), 8 Faux Fur (Wall Post) and 5 Stick and Box Traps (Direct Request)

Each Digger requires 6 Huge Spades (Recycle Bins), 9 Utility Timber (Direct Request) and 4 Bull Stampedes (Wall Post)