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Friday, 9 May 2014

Fair Game Rewards!

As ever, Playing the Country Fair Games, a fishing mechanic, is set to drop a whole collection of goodies for the game, however it's not only that this time.

Just like the Bug Searching a while back, these games will each drop 3 different prizes that can be sold from our inventories for a host of coins, XP, Gold Dust and even Horseshoes!

So, sit back and have a look at what you've won... (Note, ALL drops can be doubled by using an Early Worm)

All Games
Fair Prize Points in batches of 10, 25 or 50.

Doubler boosts: Crop mumblers, Eco-Jacking, Squeezing the Stone

Game Feed: Whack-a-mallet, Lumpy Baseball, Swift Softball and Strongmans Hammer

Fair Animal Crate



Wooden yo yo - Sells for 1'500 Coins

Stuffed Mole - Sells for 5'000 Coins

Cup and Ball - Sells for 1 Horseshoe


Bottle Toss

Silver Bottle - Sells for 3'000 coins

Shimmering Domino - Sells for 5 Gold Dust

Solid Gold Ticket - Sells for 1 Horseshoe


Milk Can Toss

Pack of Jacks - Sells for 750XP

Jacobs Ladder - Sells for 4'000 Coins

Perfect Shooter Marble - Sells for 2 Horseshoes


High Striker

Jack Plushie - Sells for 3'500 coins

Stuffed Bicep - Sells for 15 Gold Dust

Golden Fleece - Sells for 3 Horseshoes