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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Wildlife Preserve Building Guide

With Emerica and his nasty little loggers trying to cut a swathe through Gump Forest we're going to have to go all out to save the wildlife and their habitat!

Demonstrations are a heavy workload though, and it's going to take everyone pitching in to get the job done...

The Wildlife Preserve is just a three stage build this time around, but still contains the same sort of stuff we expect to see in any normal build. Requests, Crafting and, of course, homestead drops across all the stages...

Stage One

10 Quick Tree Seeds - Oak Trees
15 No Hunting Signs - Direct Request
10 Stump Habitats - Crafted
12 Fertile Soil - Compost Piles
18 Boundary Flags - Direct Request
12 Transplant Trees - Wall Post

Each Habitat requires 2 Turned Up Stumps (Bearberries) and 5 Tasteful Decor (Wall Post)

Stage Two

25 Legal Protection - Direct Request
20 Human Chains - Wall Post
8 Tree Sitters - Crafted
20 Tree Armor - Silversword
18 Blockade Chains - Direct Request
18 Sharpened Stakes - Wall Post

Each Sitter requires 9 Lawn Chairs (Turf), 12 Sturdy Chains (Wall Post) and 9 Dedicated Sitters (Direct Request)

Stage Three

15 Provocative Posters - Direct Request
18 Monkey Wrenches - Wall Post
12 Stinkshooters - Crafted
18 Bee Swarms - Bird of Paradise
16 Guard Cats - Wall Post
12 Stampedes - Crafted

Each Stinkshooter requires 6 Funky Stank (Skunks), 9 Ceramic Capsules (Wall Post) and 7 Sharpslingers (Direct Request)

Each Stampede requires 8 Peaceful Woodland Critters (Wild Buttercups), 8 Sensational Tracts (Direct Request) and 5 Responsible Directions (Wall Post)