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Thursday 5 June 2014

Frontier Luau Building Guide

Party time!

Yes, it's the fourth anniversary so it's time to get all set up for a homestead wide party, and Ted's decided this year will be a tropical style luau party, taking advantage of the summer sun!

That means a four step build with all the usual combinations of requesting, crafting and homestead drops... so get your lei on and start party planning!

Stage One

8 Kalua Stones - Rocks
9 Salt Rock - Direct Request
10 Palm Branches - Wall Post
10 Luau Coals - Coal Piles
12 Pineapple Salsa - Direct Request
12 Luau Shovels - Wall Post

Stage Two

20 Green Olives - Basic Still
16 Tiny Umbrellas - Wall Post
8 Luau Loungers - Crafted
12 Crazy Straws - Compost Piles
12 Ice Blocks - Direct Request
9 Coconut Cups - Crafted

Each Lounger Requires 4 Pine Seats (Pine Tree) and 8 Plush Headrests (Wall Post)

Each Cup requires 6 Shiny Handles (Silver Vein) and 8 Empty Coconuts (Direct Request)

Stage Three

20 Chip Bowls - Potatoes
16 Tropical Flower Arrangments - Wall Post
9 Fake Palm Tree - Crafted
15 Potato Chips - Deep Fry Woks
18 Balloon Boars - Direct Request
10 Tiki Prosperity Statues - Crafted

Each Tree requires 6 Fern Fronds (Fiddlehead Fern) and 8 Flexible Trunks (Direct Request)

Each Statue requires 6 Festive Trunks (Oak Tree), 9 Whittling Implements (Wall Post) and 4 Tropical Paint (Direct Request)

Stage Four

15 Luau Sauce - Direct Request
16 Wooden Plates - Wall Post
12 Party Tikis - Crafted
18 Serving Shovels - Iron Forge
20 Jungle Juice - Wall Post
12 Luau Platters - Crafted

Each Tiki requires 4 Skinny Trunks (Birch Tree), 8 Carving Hatchets (Wall Post) and 6 Party Lei (Direct Request)

Each Platter requires 8 Coarse Sandpaper (Devil's Claw), 8 Fancy Planks (Direct Request) and 5 Tropical Fruit Medleys (Wall Post)