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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Seaside Cottage Building Guide

If we're going to give Ted, Bess and the as yet not arrived little one(s) then we're going to have a task ahead of us!

Whether it's building a house, escaping prison, finding treasure or rescuing Bess then it all means the same thing, some build stages with 6 different items, mix and matched between Requests, crafting and homestead drops!

So, lets get looking at what we need..?

Stage One

6 Portholes - Glass Forges
12 Map Compasses - Direct Request
12 Scavenged Ship Parts - Wall Post
10 Sea Compass - American Moss
10 Shipwrecked Boats - Direct request
12 Pirate Dictionaries - Wall Post

Stage Two

12 Dog Distractors - Cows
10 Scurvy Disguises - Wall Post
9 Lockbreakers - Crafted
12 Hardtack - Wild Oats
12 Heavy Duty File - Direct Request
8 Goodnight Grog - Craft

Each Lockbreaker requires 4 Cannon Powder (Fool's Gold) and 8 Gunwale Funnels (Wall Post)

Each Grog requires 6 Dream Dust (Valerian) and 6 Scuttlin' Spirits (Direct Request)

Stage Three

10 Dead Men's Tales - Skulls
16 Treasure Trail - Wall Post
9 Treasure Haulers - Crafted
16 Long John's Digger - Silver Forge
12 Scurvy Spyglasses - Direct Request
10 Treasure Detectors - Crafted

Each Treasure Hauler requires 7 Handcarts (Harvest Gourds) and 8 Offroad Wheels (Direct Request)

Each Treasure Detector requires 4 Ship's Hounds (White Dogwood Trees), 10 Treasure Hunting Attire (Wall Post) and 4 Scent of Gold (Direct Request)

Stage Four

15 Boardin' Pikes - Direct Request
16 Swingin' Lines - Wall Post
12 Swashbucklin' Equipment - Crafted
18 Captain's Flintlocks - Steel Forges
18 Brass Monkeys - Wall Post
12 Sixpounders - Crafted

Each Equipment requires 6 Coxswain's Cutless (Silversword), 9 Loose Fitting Clothing (Wall Post) and 5 Captain's Tricorns (Direct Request)

Each Sixpounder requires 9 Sturdy Minecarts (Lichen), 9 Cannon Rigging (Direct Request) and 5 Cannon Barrels (Wall Post)