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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Bess' Baby Building Guide

Oh boy, babies are hard work!

Thankfully for us, Bess is only having the one but it's still going to need us to work a standard four step build to get her the nursery she wants, along with all the accoutrements you need for a sprog... oh, and also Doc a quick refresher course in midwifery...

Take special note of the Fun Cribs, used in stages 3 AND 4 so if you have anything else left in stage 3 hold off on crafting the final one so you can keep asking for the next stage!

Stage One

10 Bibs - Geese
9 Bottles - Direct Request
10 Baby Blue Pacifiers - Wall Post
12 Burp Cloths - Ginger
12 Soft Stuffed Bears - Direct Request
12 Shakey Rattles - Wall Post

Stage Two

18 Talcum Powder - Vanilla Orchid
16 Cloth Diapers - Wall Post
8 Changing Tables - Crafted
14 Rash Cream - Lilac
12 Pins - Direct Request
9 Diaper Pails - Crafted

Each Table requires 4 Changing Pads (Potatoes) and 8 Wooden Organisers (Wall Post)

Each Pail requires 6 Deep Buckets (Iron Forges) 8 Sealin' Lids (Direct Request)

Stage Three

18 Soothin' Teas - Festive Cinnamon
12 Udder Support - Wall Post
9 Fun Cribs - Crafted
20 Soft Cushions - Sheep
18 Warm Towels - Direct Request
10 Relaxing Cushions - Crafted

Each Fun Crib requires 6 Baby Bedding (Goat), 8 Crib Frames (Direct Request) and 4 Country Mobiles (Wall Post)

Each Cushion requires 6 Fleece Blankets (Silk), 8 Feathery Stuffing (Wall Post) and 4 Sleepy Pillows (Direct Request)

Stage Four

15 Baby Books - Direct Request
16 Nite Lights - Wall Post
12 Baby Rockers - Crafted
18 Crawlin' Rugs - Turf
20 Soft Blankets - Wall Post
12 Fun Cribs - Crafted

Each Baby Rocker requires 9 Hangin' Chains (Steel Forge), 9 Hard Planks (Wall Post) and 6 Legless Chairs (Direct Request)

Each Fun Crib requires 6 Baby Bedding (Goat), 8 Crib Frames (Direct Request) and 4 Country Mobiles (Wall Post)