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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Tree Fort Building Guide

Growing up means more responsibility, extra trust, later bedtimes and... a whopping great Tree Fort? I think I must have missed that bit...

Well, we always want to do the best for our kids, so I guess that means making one!

As usual, the Fort is what we'd expect, a four step build and the usual mix of requests, crafting and those ever so lovely homestead drops... so lets see what we'll need!

Stage One

15 Lag Bolts - Tin Forge
10 Branch Trimmers - Direct Request
12 Mitre Saws - Wall Post
10 Pressure Treated Nails - Iron Forge
12 Sturdy Climbing Ropes - Direct Request
15 Steam Drills - Wall Post

Stage Two

15 Composite Boards - Oak Tree (7 or 12 Chop)
15 Copper Spyglasses - Wall Post
9 Tree Stairs - Crafted
14 Tree Glue - Marshmallow
15 Knee Brackets - Direct Request
9  Hanging Foundations - Crafted

Each Stair requires 4 Pressure Treated Planks (Granny's Ovens) and 8 Stair Stringers (Wall Post)

Each Foundation requires 6 Steel Cables (Steel Forges) and 6 Cement Beams (Direct Request)

Stage Three

25 Pine Shingles - Pine Tree (5 or 8 Chop)
18 Tree Fort Stoves - Wall Post
9 Tree Fort Roofs - Crafted
16 Thatching - Fountain Grass
16 Huntin' Slingshots - Direct Request
10 Tree Fort Walls - Crafted

Each Roof requires 7 Sturdy Rafters (Wood Lathes) and 8 10x12 Foot Planks (Direct Request)

Each Wall requires 4 Long Nails (Spirit Cactus), 10 Framing Hammers (Wall Post) and 4 Treated Sidings (Direct Request)

Stage Four

25 S'mores Kits - Direct Request
16 Rope Bridges - Wall Post
12 Tree Fort Elevators - Crafted
18 Candy Stashes - Candy Corn
20 Jesse James Posters - Wall Post
12 Emergency Escape Poles - Crafted

Each Elevator requires 6 Used Ropes (Poison Ivy), 9 Brass Pulleys (Wall Post) and 5 Elevator Platforms (Direct Request)

Each Pole requires 9 Tightened Bases (Recycle Bin), 9 Slick Poles (Direct Request) and 5 Circular Holes (Wall Post)