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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Trading Post Price List

This list is up to date at time of writing. The prices Jacques decides to charge may obviously change but we'll try to keep this list of tradeable items as up to date as we possibly can so you know what to expect.


Awl 3 Coins


Baby Clothes 3 Coins, 3XP Baby Names 4 Coins, 2XP
Beams 3 Coins, 3XP Beeswax Candles 3 Coins, 2XP
Boardgame 5 Coins, 4XP Bobbing Apples 5 Food
Bins 4XP Blanket 4 Coins, 2XP
Blessed Powder 2 Coins, 3XP Bloody Cannonball 5 Coins, 2XP
Book Report 2 Coins, 2XP Bovine Insurance 4XP
Building Plans 4 Coins, 4XP


Cabbage Seeds 5 Coins Canning Jar 5XP
Cardboard Box 5 Coins, 1XP Cattle Drive Feed Bag 5 Food, 2 Coins
Carving Knife 3 Wood, 2XP Cement 4 Coins, 2XP
Centrepiece 3 Coins Chair 5 Wood, 2XP
Chaps 4 Coins, 2XP Charter Agreement 4 Coins 2XP
Chicken Soup Recipe 3 Coins, 3XP Chocolate Bar 4 Coins, 4XP
Christmas Card 3Coins, 3XP County Fair Ticket 4 Coins, 4XP
Cranberry Sauce 2 Coins, 3XP Crowbar 3 Coins, 3XP


Detail Saw 3 Coins, 1XP Dress Pattern 4 Coins, 1XP
Dried Fruit 1 Coin


Floor Tile 2 Coins, 2XP Frosting 4 Coins, 4XP


Glass 5 Coins Grave Flowers 3 Coins, 2XP


Hangar 3 Coins, 1XP Hardwood Floor 4 Coins, 2XP
Help Wanted Sign 3 Coins, 1XP Hip Boots 4 Coins, 2XP
Hole Poker 2 Coins, 3 Wood Holly Wreath 2XP


Insurance Waivers 3 Coins, 3XP


Jackalope RSVP 3 Coins, 3XP


Lard 4 Coins, 1XP Letter to Santa 1 Coin, 3XP
Level 3 Coins, 2XP Logging Permits 2 Coins, 2XP


Mallet 1 Coin, 5 Wood Map Coordinates 5XP
Measurements 4 Coins, 2XP Measuring Tape 5 Coins, 1XP
Metal Bars 1 Coin, 5XP Milk Stool 4 Coins, 3XP


Napkin 3 Coins, 3XP New Years RSVP 4 Coins, 3XP


Paint Chips 3 Coins, 4XP Peg 3 Wood, 2XP
Pie 3 Coins, 2XP Planter Bracket 4 Wood
Plate 5 Wood, 2XP Playground Sand 2 Coins
Pretzel 2 Food, 5 Coins


Roast Turkey 4 Coins, 1XP Rodeo Gloves 4 Coins
Rodeo Hat 3 Coins Rodeo Vest 4 Coins


Saddle Soap 3XP Sarsparilla 2 Coins, 4XP
Scrap Metal 5 Coins, 1XP Secret Handshake 2 Food, 3XP
Seed Scoop 2 Coins, 2XP Severed Head 5 Food, 4 Coins
Sewing Needle 2XP Shampoo 2 Coins, 2XP
Shaving Lather 5 Coins, 5XP Shelves 5 Coins
Shingles 5 Coins, 2XP Shipping Label 3 Coins, 2XP
Silverware 3 Coins, 2XP Slabs 4 Coins
Snowman Buttons 3 Coins Snowman Pipe 3 Wood
Snowman Scarf 5 Coins, 1XP Snowshoes 1 Coin, 3 Wood
Soap 5 Coins Special Seasoning 2 Coins, 2XP
Straw Bale 2 Coins Survey Authorisations 2 Coins
Sweet Potatoes 5 Coins


Talisman 2 Coins, 4XP Telescope 5 Coins, 1XP
Thanksgiving RSVP 1 Coin, 4XP Tinder 4 Coins
Tootin' Jug 5 Coins, 5XP Trading Permit 3 Coins, 3XP


Water Rights 5 Food, 1XP Welcome Basket 4XP
Window 2 Coins, 4 Wood Wood Rasp 4 Wood
Wooden Coffin 2 Coins, 1XP