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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Amy's Crew Build Guide

As any law enforcement will tell you, catching a criminal is no small task.

To track down and apprehend Amy Steele and her new gang will take some work, four build stages of work to be exact!

It all concentrates down into a standard 4 step build with a mix of requesting, crafting and homestead drops.

Make a note of the Climbing Shoes which are used in two builds!

Stage One

12 Thick Gloves - Fully Grown Oxen
10 Blinding Lamps - Direct Request
8 Questioning Chairs - Wall Post
10 Itchy Powder - Poison Ivy
10 Thorn Proof Coats - Direct Request
12 Bramble Hackers - Wall Post

Stage Two

15 Stiletto Footprints - Prickly Pears
12 Dropped Earrings - Wall Post
9 Rock Wagons - Crafted
12 Climbing Helmets - Melons
15 Golden Hair Strands - Direct Request
8 Climbing Shoes - Crafted

Each Wagon requires 3 Sturdy Cart Frames (Coastal Pines) and 8 All Terrain Wheels (Wall Post)

Each Shoe takes 6 Rock Spikes (Steel Forges) and 8 Heavy Shoes (Direct Request)

Stage Three

8 Paired Footprints - Fresh Grass
16 Hideout Hints - Wall Post
10 Trackin' Porkers - Crafted
14 Lost Hankies - Spinach
12 Discarded Hats - Direct Request
9 Climbing Shoes - Crafted

Each Porker Requires 6 Sniffer Swine (Pigs), 10 Hog Collars (Wall Post) and 4 Goldie's Perfume (Direct Request)

Each Shoe takes 6 Rock Spikes (Steel Forges) and 8 Heavy Shoes (Direct Request)

Stage Four

15 Doorsmashers - Direct Request
18 Bandit Bola - Wall Post
12 Steel Vests - Crafted
18 Deputy Stars - Goldenrod
16 Arrest Warrants - Wall Post
12 Flashbombs - Crafted

Each Vest requires 6 Formed Leather (Cows), 9 Brown Thread (Wall Post) and 5 Furnace Doors (Direct Request)

Each Flashbomb requires 6 Flash Powder (Red Essence Labs), 9 Hollowed Sportsballs (Direct Request) and 4 Short Fuses (Wall Post)