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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Dormitorium Building Guide

If we're going to make sure the Homestead animals are properly snuggled away for winter we're going to need a great place to house them and keep them warm, that's going to be the dormitorium.

This will be a three (yes three!) step build with all the usual mix of items to make it up, requests, crafting and homestead drops.

So, grab a blanket and a pillow and come relax while we see what we'll need...

Stage One

10 Mushy Mortar - Rocks
10 Round Doors - Direct Request
6 Hibernation Dens - Crafted
9 Soft Bedding - Reeds
12 Framing Beams - Direct Request
8 Animal Nightcaps - Wall Post

Each Den requires 3 Wire Frames (Tin Forges) and 4 Packing Mud (Wall Posts)

Stage Two

15 Storage Bags - Direct Request
12 Winter Mix - Wall Post
8 Mini Fridge - Crafted
30 Dried Berries - Mountain Blueberries
12 Assorted Nuts - Direct Request
12 Mounted Bottles - Wall Post

Each Mini-Fridge requires 6 Thick Insulation (Adult Standard Geese), 12 Fitted Boxes (Wall Post) and 8 Packed Ice (Direct Request)

Stage Three

12 Sleepy Pills - Direct Request
15 Bear Feet - Wall Post
10 Tiny Beds - Crafted
14 Snug Blankets - Standard Adult Llamas
15 Sleeping Masks - Direct Request
12 Space Heaters - Crafted

Each Bed requires 6 Mini Mattresses (Dandelions), 9 Wee Bedframes (Wall Post) and 7 Puny Pillows (Direct Request)

Each Heater requires 6 Humble Hearths (Recycle Bins), 6 Venting Pipes (Direct Request) and 6 Extra Oil (Wall Post)