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Friday, 7 March 2014

Deal Rewards

The Leprechaun King is a strange guy with a penchant for gold and a junkroom full of stuff he thinks is useless... but we sure as heck don't!

You make a deal with the King by setting the Runestones to match the Daily Charm Chart and picking an amount of money you want to deal with, he'll pick something out to give you that he thinks is worth the same! So, what are those things? Well, that depends on how much you pay...

[Each deal gives one item from the list.]

10'000 - Animal Edibles, Quick Licorice, BBQ Bronto Ribs, Loyal Pioneer, Green Lightning, Pig Allure, Escargot, Smoked Cheddar, Fertile Ash, Cow Allure, Sheep Allure, 10 Energy, 2 Horseshoes.

100'000 - Crop Mumbler, Eco Jacking, Animal Magnetism, Foie Gras Boos, Debris and Me, Fertile Ash Boost, Unwither Crop, Bullwhip, Animal Edibles, 10 Energy, 2 Horseshoes.

1'000'000 - Crop Whisperer, How to Jack Lumber, Shearing for Shave-Tails, Fois Gras Boost, Squeezing the Stone, Quick Licorice, Unwither Crop x4, Bullwhip, Animal Edibles, 50 Energy, 2 Horsesohes.

500'000'000 - Animal Vaccine, Dream Boost, Deep Fried Chocobar, Chocolate Truffle, BBQ Bronto Rib, 5 Animal Edibles, Sweet Payoff, Espresso Boost, Ghostly Pioneer, Peppermint Earthquake, 25 Gold Dust Currency, 3 Horseshoes

1'000'000'000 - Animal Vaccine, Dream Boost, Deep Fried Chocobar, Chocolate Truffle, BBQ Bronto Rib, 5 Fertile Ash, Sweet Payoff, Ghostly Pioneer, Peppermint Earthquake, 100 Gold Dust, 5 Horseshoes